Monday, October 15, 2012

8/16 1/6

Hey there family! well we´re coming up on a year! crazy crazy! can you guys believe that its been a year since i left the airport! i can´t i feel like i´m still begining! but now i´m district leader and senior comp! and loving mission life! wellll so this week was an interesting week! a super good week! so my comp is Elder Larsen. He´s from Arkansas. He´s got 8 months on the mission and this is his second area! He´s full of excitment for the work and this week we´ve been going to town on things! we´ve had tons more success in this first week then i´ve had in a long time! We have found like 3 families! Altagracias family started sharing with us! Everyone that lives in that house has started listening her grandson lives there and he got super interested and is pumped to learn more! He speaks english cause he´s american but lives here with his grandparents so we are teaching him in spanglish! then also we´re teaching another lady that just has a sincere desire to know the things of life! i felt bad last lesson we had with her she told us that her cousin died and was just asking the perfect questions about those kinda things like will i get to see him again so i got this huge smile on my face cause i was like no way are we getting these golden questions! and then i realized that she´s talking about her cousin dieing and i have this huge smile so i was like oh freak! so i had to put myself serious! it was funny! but yeah she´s doing awesome! then we got a reference this week from our Mission president of a family that the husband wanted a blessing cause a bakery oven exploded on him so we visited him and gave him a blessing and we´re gonna start sharing with him! Kevin is getting baptized this saturday! and then the others are coming along slowly! but then my comp also hasn´t really worked with members so he wants to learn how to do that and that´s pretty much the only way i like to do things so yeah! we´re working more with them! but yeah those are our investigators and that! then we also got a call this week telling us that we get to go to the temple! so guess when they told us we got to go?? the next day! so the next morning we went to the temple! so last friday i got to go enjoy the temple! it was so awesome! i love that place! i can´t wait to get sealed there and be able to go back all the time too!!! :) it´s gonna be the best! but yeah other than that we haven´t really done anything to exciting! Elder Larson is a hunter so we´ve been talking alot about that! :) i´m pretty stoked for that! we´re talking so much more then what me and bryner ever did! so i´m pretty postive this transfer is gonna be an awesome one! we´re gonna work super hard and have lots of fun! we´re also makin plans to go running! so yeah this will be a great transfer i can tell!! so it sounds like from what everyones saying theres lots of missionaries about to come out! i knew that i´d have lots of friends putting in there papers as soon as they heard that! but yeah i can´t wait to see how many new guys we get out here! we need more out here that´s for sure! so yeah! one thing that i need out here to is some more socks! they´ve lasted a year and they´re getting holes in them finally... haha but yeah if you could send me some of those missionary mall ones! they´re awesome! :) please and thank you! but yeah i do believe that is it for this week! Love you guys so much!!!! have an awesome week!
-Elder Carlson
Picture: me and Elder Larsen at the temple

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