Monday, January 28, 2013

10/16 4/6

FAMILY!!!! How´s life??? things here are crazy! this week was super insane! we had an exchange, visited some of the far parts of our area, a baptism! and had a few missionaries get sick so we were kinda crazy this week! but it was good! and looks like you guys had a good short week at school! bummer that your still feel sick dad! i don't know if this will help but boil some water with salt and breath in the fumes for a few seconds then move away try and get rid of the crap in your lungs then do it a few other times! i don't know if it will help but that's what we usually tell missionaries to do that out here cause they seem to get colds here quite a bit! but yeah try that out! i hope ya get feelin better soon! and that's awesome that you went and got your concelled weapons permit! you're gonna have to tell me more about that! i'm gonna come home and get that when i get back! but yeah anyways this week was crazy! like you guys read we had an exchange with one of the areas in our zone! it was pretty cool! i got to go with a new kid and it just made me feel old and made me excited to see all the new missionaries coming into the field! definitly those who are coming in are getting better trained and are more prepared! and i love it! i always love seeing the new guys cause they are full of excitement to work hard and do everything they can! and everyone needs that all the time! but yeah i'm also stoked to hear that theres lots and lots more people going on the mission! it's crazy to hear all the girls that are going out! i think i'm gonna get back to an empty college cause everyones gonna be gone on the mission! but yeah we're excited to see all the new people that come in! hopefully some get sent out here to see some people that i know :) that'd be awesome! but yeah anyways this week we also went to visit parts of our area! we have a huge area that goes all the way down to the beach! so we have a member that lives clear out there so we down there to see how things are down there and it was interesting we actually got to teach a lesson! it was way to far but it was cool! got our names around there! but yeah we also saw the only dunes in the caribean! supposedlyl the sand there is the same sand found in the sahara desert! crazy crazy! but yeah after that we had our baptism of Alexander! it was good! considering that no one really got to know about it! cause last sunday we had our conference so they didn't annouce it but we had good support there! i had to dunk him two times cause the first time he put his hand out of the water and so the second time we made sure that everything stayed under! but yeah then oh! sunday too i gave a talk in church! our branch president called me up friday night and said hey we need you to talk on sunday can you do that! i said of course so i prepared my talk about tithing and it went pretty good! still nervous as all get out to get up and talk to people like that! but yeah i did my best! but yeah then this whole week we had two missionaries sick that was just crazy! we were tryin to take things calmly but one of our district leaders was going a little crazy! so yeah! but i think that's about it! but yeah i think that's about it for this weeks email! hope you all enjoyed your short week and just so you guys know January is gone! this week will be february! crazy huh??? but hope you all have a great week! i love you all!
-Elder Carlson
Ps. i'm jealous of your snow! it hasn't rained here and is just constant sun and heat! so yeah! enjoy it there


Monday, January 21, 2013

10/16 3/6‏

SURPRISE!!!! Early email today!!! i´m shaking things up and emailing in the morning to see if i like it better. But yeah for this week! well to tell you the truth it was crazy!!! Started off with the waffle maker that i bought turned out to be a sandwhich maker! the box says waffle maker in every part of it but when i opened it up it was a grilled cheese maker! and i couldn´t take it back so i made sandwhiches for acouple days then one of the other missionaries bought it from me. so yeah i was super bummed about that! But it´s ok! i took the money and bought me some cereal instead! you guys know i like cereal alot more then anything! but yeah so other exciting things for this last week! was we had surprise interviews! well they weren´t really surprise interviews but we didn´t know about it! cause in our zone leader meeting we were told that our interviews with president were the 26th so we were planning on that and then the 15 we got told by the APs yeah your interviews are tomorrow incase you guys didn´t know! sooo we had to call everyone up and tell them about the interviews plus make up the agenda for it! plus get everything prepared! but we also had planned that same tuesday a companion exchange so me and my comp have never planned anything like that so it was just a super stress cause we´re both trying to figure out what we need to do and we weren´t even together so we got things over the phone and the morning of but found out it was one of the best interviews that they´ve seen! so i was pretty stoked about that! but yeah then also saturday we had two baptisms!!! woo!!! we baptized the two boys of our family! so now we´re only missin the dad and we have a complete family! so yeah i´m super stoked about that! but yeah we´ll see what happens! we also had an area conference where we watched by satelite Elder Zwik of the seventy and Elder Nelson from the 12 talked to the caribean about alot of stuff that the people here need! so i really hope the people here are taking notes of it! but we also watched it with President Rodriguez and his wife. but yeah other then that for this week we lost a few invesitgators but we also put a few more baptismal dates with people so we´re pretty stoked about that and stoked to see what happens! Me and my comp kinda got super stressed and drained so yesterday we were just gone! we both need this P-day! both this week is gonna be crazy too cause we have another baptism of Alexander and then our zone also has like 10 other baptisms and they´re not just in one area they´re all over the place! so we´re gonna have an interesting time trying to get all these interviews down! but we´re gonna get it! but yeah i´m thinking today in the afternoon i´m gonna get me some ice cream too to help calm down alittle more! :) but yeah everything else is going good! i´m feeling good! i´m loving the work and have a great time! i can´t believe i´m in the single didgits now! only 9 more months and i´m home! crazy crazy! time really does fly by in the mission and every second is worth it! i definitly am so glad i came out here! thanks for all of you guys that are helpin me in anyway to keep me out here! for sure haven´t forgotten about what you´re doing and i´m for sure making it so you´re not wasting your money! :) but i´m stoked to be hearing more and more about missionary work! i´ve noticed that lately everyone has been focusing on missionary work! General authorities and everyone are teaching it! so something important that we should be doing! but i´m super stoked to be a part of it! theres not anything better then helping people recieve the blessing that we have! i´m super stoked! :) hope all goes well this week over there! i love you guys so much!!! keep up the great work!!!
-Elder Carlson

Monday, January 14, 2013

10/16 2/6

FAMILY!!! What´s up??? things are going great here! i'm actually super surprised to tell you the truth! lately life's been super good! i'm getting along with the people i'm living with! my companion is the bomb! and is a hard worker but loves to have fun so we're just working really good here helping this area progress! yesterday in church we noticed that alot more people were starting to come to church that we had more investigators and that things were just begining to change! i'm super stoked! so yeah i don't know why God's being so nice to me i'm a little nervous but i'm gonna love every minute of it that i can! but yeah so this week well we had lots of progress with the members part of the work! me and my comp had a meeting the District president who is like the stake president! and we talked about all the stuff that the missionaries needed help with and also how we can help them! and it was just super good cause we got on the same level with the leaders above our branch leaders so now the branch leaders are gonna be reciving the same help from both sides and the same suggestions so that we're not fighting to work with each other! but yeah we're super stoked about that plus our zone is progressing! the missionaries are happier and working harder! and so that makes us happy! plus sounds like you guys are having a good time there with below freezing weather! plus Nicoles new job! plus the babys due in ten weeks! plus everyones doing great! except the sickness thats going around for the cold weather! but i have no doubt that i'm gonna have a pretty rough weather change when i get back this winter! i'm gonna be freezing my ears off! but yeah i'm excited about it! i haven't seen real cold weather in so long! but yeah what else oh this week we found a guy named Juan. He was almost killed by gang members but luckily got away safely! so he decided to change his life around and is looking for away to change his life around! well just so happened that God wants him in our church cause we were teaching a lesson one day and it was outside and i looked around for some reason and i got this impression to go to this house we had already contacted and nothing so after we finished the lesson i told my comp we had to go there so we went to the house and he was there and so we talked to him and he told us his story and now he has a baptismal date! :) WOO HOO!!! Score!!! but yeah then Jason and Anderson from the family we're teaching are getting baptized this week! they need to get baptized and there dad isn't progressing so we decided to baptize them now and work on the dad next! so yeah but yeah we're also working alot with some branch activities! if there is any ideas you guys have of fun games you can play with lots of people let me know! :) i'll take them! but yeah! oh and can i have a reciepe of banana bread??? :) i wanna try making some! :) but yeah so a few other questions i have are did jones get his mask??? and dad who's Phil and susan Parise?? cause i got a random card from them and i don't remember them! so yeah if you could answer me those that'd be great!!! :) but sorry nothing else to exciting from this week! oh i bought my waffle maker today! gonna try that out tonight! :) wish me luck! but yeah i love you guys so much thanks for all you do for me!
-Elder Carlson

Monday, January 7, 2013

10/16 1/6‏

Family!!! how's life going??? i'm doing good here! things are going pretty great! today we went to an area where very very few people have ever been! it was like the Kolob of the DR!!! we did some service there! and played some baseball!!! but yeah i'm gonna try and throw on some pictures soon! but yeah Feliz Anos Nuevo! i had a pretty chill new years! i went to bed at like 10 30! so yeah partied hard right!!! so yeah looks like you guys had some fun! i'm super bummed about the theaters mom! why did they start givin a seating order??? that's kinda stupid! but whatever! i'm probably just gonna not worry about watching movies at the theaters when i get back! we've been talking about the movies that are out and holy cow! i'm gonna have lots to see when i get back! but yeah what else??? i had lots to tell you guys but i left my agenda at home! we just got back from our service activity so i'm still dressed in normal clothes but we're trying to do things kinda fast so this might not be to long. but somethings that i can remember is that there are a ton of changes! my comps super excited and alot of the leaders a little higher up then our own branch are excited about the missionary work so the leaders here in our branch are gonna be excited about the missionary work! we're working hard on changing the things here! how's the missionary work there! sorry i'm kinda scatter brained today! i'm sun burnt and trying to help all the missionaries around me fill out a report and it's just rough! i woke up to early this morning! haha but yeah ok back to focus! so yeah we're working hard especially with the family! the only thing that we're missin still is the husband! he hasn't comin in a long time and didn't come this week but they're wanting to get married in this month! and then also Alexander showed up to church and we're gonna get him baptized soon! but yeah! so sorry i'm really not focused right now so this letter is gonna be bad i'm sorry! i hope you guys are havin a great time there! all is well here and i'm super stoked to have you guys as my family! oh also! i got the package from brad and trudy tell them thanks for that! i enjoyed the cookies as fast as possible1 :) but yeah thanks for all you guys do! you're the best family there is! :) i love you guys!!!
-Elder Carlson