Tuesday, October 9, 2012

6/16 6/6

Family! whats up?? how you guys doing??? i'm doing great here!
survived a hurricane! BAM!! add that to the list of natural forces
conquered! ;) haha how'd you guys do?? whatever happened to that
storm??? i heard it got really week and didn't do much! took a toll on
haiti but that's about it! that country just needs to learn a lesson!
they're gonna get just destroyed if they don't straighten up! but yeah
so the hurricane for me! nice and calm! we stayed in the house friday
and saturday! i wrote a lot! and slept a little! made an oreo
cheesecake! :) yes thank you nicole and jello no bake cheesecake! it
was funny i made it and gave some to our neighbor thats american that
is a teacher here. she's pretty fun and lives by herself so she talked
to us too cause she had no work cause of the hurricane and so i shared
with her. and she brought us back the plate and said that i could get
married cause i cook good! :) so yeah i'd go with it was a succesful
treat!  then oh! yes we had no power for most of it cause they cut
power when theres stuff like that! so we also had no water! so if you
all remember i am an eagle scout and use my resources! so to shower
welll i mean it was a hurricane outside and constant water falling so
i put on my swimmin shorts and took a nice little shower! yes we were
all by ourselves no one around! and then for light! i just so happen
to have an old candle tin that was pretty big then i also had some old
peaces of paper soo.... i built us a fire! :) lasted a good hour! :)
yeah i'm pretty proud of myself! i took pictures of that! but yeah i
don't like stayin the house like that! but it was good cause it was
stormin good that water started seeping through our walls! but nothing
got damaged luckily! ummm what else??? i think that's it! it was
pretty uneventful here! ummm what else this week??? ummm oh transfers
were this week! and..... i'm staying with bryner here! so nothings
changing! so yeah! what else??? oh also yesterday we were walking
around and i got hugged by a drunk guy! he was glad to be friends with
such christians! its was funny! but yeah i think that's about it! oh
yeah money situation i got jipped on money this cycle cause they had
problems with things plus i sent off that mask to Mr. Jones so i had
to take out some more money! i'm not taking out anymore and i'm gonna
pay myself back this next cycle! so i shouldn't be taken out anymore!
sorry! but yeah as far as work here.... well our success lately has
been with less actives and recent converts. We have been working with
a guy named mariano that went inactive for awhile and we finally got
him going back to church and this sunday he showed up early and helped
dry out the chapel! it was legit! he is gonna prepare to get the
melchizidec priesthood and go to the temple! our recent convert Wendy
is preparing to go to the temple with her husband to do baptisms for
the dead here hopefully this week! so we're excited! if we're really
really lucky we might get to go with them! but we'll see! but yeah
other then that we're still looking for investigators and we're
getting lots more help from members so it's gonna be good! :) this
transfers gonna be a good one! we're gonna find people! but yeah thats
it for today! Love you guys tons!
-Elder Carlson

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