Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7/16 4/6

Hey family!!! how´s life??? things are going great here! i had an awesome birthday! thanks to my awesome family and girl! It wasn´t quite like a birthday at home but it was a good one! for church we had our two guys we´ve been working with get the Melchizdeck priesthood! It was awesome! the one was a menos activo that we reactivitated and the other was one we´ve been helping get stronger in the church. So it was super cool! Lunch we got to go to a members house and we ate super good! lots of dominican food! and then we just visited some members and then came home and i made some cupcakes! :) it was awesome! so yeah also for this week! we had our zone conference! it was a good one! Elder Anderson from the Area presidency came and talked! He talked about Jesus and his sacrifice for us! i had actually been thinking about that alot! out here as missionaries i think we really don´t focus on him enough! we get caught up in the lessons and though they teach of him we just look at as material to teach! so this week i´ve been trying to focus more on Christ and what he did for us and to help teach people more about him! but yeah it was a good time! we went in to some deep doctrine and also he opened up the conference for questions. so someone asked about Cuba! so turns out there are two branches there! ones been there for about 6 years and Elder Bednar did dedicate it in February! They´re able to get some leaders in there and they do have their meetings but missionaries aren´t allowed in yet! so yeah crazy stuff! man but time has been flying by! i feel like it was not to long ago it was february and i remember listening to Bednar! time is picking up for sure! i feel like this week was only acouple days! things are going by fast for sure! and time only gets faster they say so before we know it i´ll be getting home! but yeah hope its going the same for you guys! so as far as investigators... this week we got to share with almost everyone of them! a few of them had.... girl problems... yup they told the missionaries that they were at that time of month..... exactly what we wanted to know! but yeah we´re trying to get more appointments with all of them cause people are really busy so its really tough to share with them! but we´re gonna get working harder at sharing with them more! But i´m excited to get working! my companion is ready to be out of this area cause its really tough but i´m working hard to keep him animated and he´s seemed to be pretty happy lately! so thank goodness for that! the members are seeming to be warming up to us more! so that´s good! we´re getting more and more people inviting us to eat and more people giving us references and wanting us to do stuff so yeah! but yeah thanks for all your guys birthday wishes! i had a great birthday and am still having a great time! the browns brought me cake today! they´re awesome! i love them! so yeah my whole working out at night that i´ve started to do is going down the drain for right now! haha but its for the birthday gotta enjoy some cake and fatty foods! oh yeah that´s something! i´ve been working out more! since i´m still pretty skinny i´ve decided i´m gonna work out and try and gain more weight with muscle so that i´m not a chubster like i was before the mission! haha yeah i´ve been looking at pictures of before the mission and i had some extra weight there i didn´t need! so yeah i´m gonna get in shape! :) but yeah i think that´s it! i´m lovin life and enjoying the mission! i´m reading in Mosiah and i love that book! King Benjamin talks about so many good things! if you´re never sure what you need to do in life just read that book! haha but yeah thats it for this week! Love you all!

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