Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mission Call

Scott recieved his mission call June 8, 2011, which was a complete shock, because he had only sent in his papers a week and 3 days earlier! We all met up at the Old Nissons park at 7:30 for root beer floats and to watch him open his call. Everyone put in their guesses, I think Canada was the favorite among the guessers, but we were ALL wrong! He opened his call, and read it to himself, and THEN read it aloud for all of us to hear!
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo West Mission, SPANISH SPEAKING!
Now this is a tad funny because Scott has taken 3 years of french, so if he WAS going foreign, we expected somewhere french speaking! But Heavenly Father obviously had other plans in mind!
He leaves for the Provo MTC on October 19, 2011 where he will spend his first 3 weeks of his mission. Then he will head down to the Dominican MTC for another 6 weeks of training before he enter the field.

Everyone is SO excited for Scott! He is going to make a GREAT missionary!