Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7/16 1/6

Hey family! how's things going??? things are going pretty good here! didn't get in to the doctors this week just took tests today! so results will be done by tomorrow! but yeah i'm feeling good! got lots more energy! finally! it's been awhile! but yeah sounds like you guys are enjoying labor day! gotta love holidays! but yeah this week wasn't to exciting! no hurricanes or earthquakes or hospital trips or anything like that! but we helped people move into a new house. Our 2nd counsuler in our ward just moved apartments so we helped move all there stuff! so we spent two mornings moving them! it was pretty funny cause one day we had members helping us and they were like so tired after loading up one car and were like ok lets rest! stop elders rest! you don't want to over work yourself! haha i was like yeah we stop after we fill up a uhaul in utah! The life here is a very lazy don't worry things will get done kinda life so no ones in a hurry! so yeah we did that two days. then our other excitement was we had those recent converts going to the temple with our ward.. so we waited at there house and got them all ready to go and sent them to the temple. all of them doing it for there first time and one actually did the baptisms the other two didn't do anything. one went in and just checked things out and was going to do confirmations but then the workers or someone told her to come back another time.... yeah we were upset about that! then the other one left! and we're not sure what happened with him. we're hoping it didn't scare him off or anything! but we'll talk to him today! and we're gonna write president Rodriguez and see if we can go with them again and actually help them do what they're supposed to do! cause our ward did nothing! so yeah we're gonna do something! but yeah other then that we really didn't have anything exciting! we found a lady who's visited with the missionaries before and actually let us teach her so we're gonna go back tomorrow and hope and pray and do everything so that she can progress! its been awhile since they've had a baptism here that's not a kid! and its been awhile since i've had an investigator that's progressed! but yeah other then that there are no investigators. we're visiting members and less actives! the works going slowly but we're still working hard and keeping our excitement high! especially me cause i'm finally healthy! but yeah other then that nothing else to exciting! dad interesting note! our neighbor got to see Frank Sinatra a while back when he came here! guess how much she got her ticket for! 50 pesos! which is like 1 dollar and like 10 cents! more or less! but yeah crazy huh?? well yeah sorry this week was really boring and nothing interesting! hopefully this next week will be alittle bit more exciting! but yeah thanks for everything! Love you guys tons! Wish Blake a Happy Birthday for me! :) Happy 2 Years bud! :)

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