Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7/16 2/6

Hey fam! what is up??? things here are going.... great!!! good news! the only health problem that i have are some crystals in my urine! but the doctor says a few pills and that'll be cleaned up! i got them because of the infection i had so he said its nothing serious! and i'm feeling tons better! we've been out working and picked up two new investigators and got references from the ward and visited more members! it's been awesome! In church we had a family of Less actives and another partial family of less actives! and two investigators! Things are just going right along here! thanks to health finally! On sunday we put a cita for every day this week! and recieved another reference! It's kinda funny but i feel bad cause the members and some of the investigators when we see them they'll be like Carlson!!! it makes me feel good when they know my name and call it out! :) My comp... welll they don't know his name that well.. that's why i feel bad cause they're like Carlson!! and ....what's your name! but its cause he's a super quite kid so i'm hoping he opens up more as we work harder and get to know the people! so yeah we'll see! he's been pretty ready to go home lately and he's having a hard time but i'm planning on just getting to work more and more so that he has no time to think about that! so yeah it'll be good and it'll be good to get time going faster for the both of us too! we've got these new investigators that need to become new members but it just takes time! so yeah needs to move faster! but yeah so investigator time!!!! FINALLY!!! its been along time! So Kevin showed up to church this week! so he's on tract to gettin baptized at the end of this month! and then Altagracia the old lady we found last week has been sharing with us! she wasn't able to go to church cause a friend of her had someone die in the family so she went to support her! But she's really interested in the message and wants to go to church! we're hoping that a member who lives close by will get back soon cause she's perfect for this lady! so yeah we're gonna keep working with her! then the other investigators are brand new so we're gonna see! :) but yeah then we've been working with less actives and had some success there! but yeah that's it for this week! more next week! ;) alright so other interesting parts of this week! Food of this week! Lasagna and.... Blue Bunny ice cream was given to us by our Elders quorom president! :) it was amazing! then i also had... two krispy kreme donuts! ;) yeah bet you guys didn't eat that this week! ;) haha yeah those were my good foods for this week! ummm what else??? oh i got a package this week from my wonderful mother! she sent me lots of snacks and one of the most amazingest things i've seen! A shake and pour CUPCAKE MIX!!! yeah did not know those exsisted! super stoked for that! but yeah already ate all my candy from that but that's ok it was a good week! i got started on my work out routine this week so it was a good counter balance! but yeah what else??? ummm Oh one of the sisters in the ward says Hello! Her name is Elizabeth! she reminds me a lot of you mom! she's short and small but is kind to everyone who gets to know her! but yeah she keeps telling us to tell you hi but i forgot! but yeah now ya know! ummmmm alright wow i had a huge list but its all gone cause they were all short! well my only thing is church this week was pretty good! we had our primary program! always my favorite! the little kids rock! :) made me stoked to be a dad! they were all running to there dads after so i was like yeah stucked for my little kid go up there share an article of faith and be super stoked and proud! but yeah then also we had president rodriguez and his wife show up! they also came to the sunday school class that i had to teach! I was nervous at first but then i was pretty stoked to have them there cause they talked a ton and took more then half the time of class! so it was good! but yeahhhhh i think thats it for this week! hope you enjoyed this weekly report from here in the DR! I'm Elder Scott Carlson, Good night and good luck! ;)

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