Monday, August 20, 2012

6/16 5/6‏

Hey family! hows everyone doing??? i'm doing good here! Getting better from my sickness of Proteus and E. Coli! yeah so thats what i had! forgot to say that the last time! Proteus is an infection in your kidneys and e coli is another amoeba! so yeah i'm on super strong meds! the meds i'm on are actually so strong they changed my pee red! let me restate that sentence so no one freaks out. My meds made my pee red! its whats supposed to happen i'm not getting worse! but yeah fun fact! :) so yeah i'm feeling better! getting back to 100! ahhh yeah!!! so sounds like everyones enjoyin there time back in school! haha! schools gettin back here too! so yeah its kinda weird still not going to school and just still doing what i'm doing! i like havin the school schedule and having the vacation and then work! but yeah other then that lifes pretty boring here! this last week we did intercambios with the ccm! yeah remember when i went and did that! we got to go visit the real mission! yeah i got to be on the other side! i got a Dominican named Elder De la cruz! he was super excited to leave the ccm! it was funny! i remember being in that state! i wouldn't mind trading him for a week or two to go enjoy a nice hot shower, light all the time, and food made for you for free! but i wouldn't trade the experiences you have out here! things here are so awesome! so many cool people and interesting situations! me and my comp were talking to a recent convert about where was better America or Here. The convert was bound and determined that here was better and my comp was bound and determined that there was better! i'd have to say i love the two! they're both awesome! the people here are so friendly and fun! a truck can pass by here blasting music and everyone in the street will without hesitation dance! and they don't hold back! they dance all out! its awesome! and they will take you in as family only knowin you for acouple days! its pretty awesome! but yeah i'm glad i'm here! its awesome! but yeah what else??? oh yeah another reason i love being here... thursday i had an intercambio with someone from another area! he was pretty cool from el salvador! and he took me to one of the best parts of the mission! the ocean! we walked on the street right next to the ocean for about twenty minutes! WOW!!! yeah made me miss HB and the cruise! but yeah did i mention i walked along the ocean this week??? yeah and do you guys remember that i'm in the Caribean! so yeahh..... just think about that one awhile as you enjoy your time back in school! ;) haha but yeah what else for this week? oh got my haircut! yeah its super short. don't like it but i couldn't get a photo this week so yeah you'll all see some other time maybe i'll just wait til christmas when we skype again to show you guys! haha but yeah we'll see! so other then that my week was pretty boring! today i went shopping got my grocieries for this week! my money i get from the mission came late this week so i decided to avoid being out of food i'm gonna start gettin my food storage and buying for the week again! so yeah got me a big ol variety of food! so we'll be cooking good this week! oh yeah another exciting thing for this week! we went and ate at a members house sunday. they are american very rich and their son wants to be a chef! so we had lasagna, garlic bread, and a berry cake! yup pretty amazing! but yeah this family is building a cabin in the mountains here and then also having an apartment here in the City! yeah its pretty crazy! pretty rich! then we also had one of the couple missionaries there that are from utah! so the whole time we talked english and ate american food! didn't feel like i was in the DR for a little! but yeah pretty fun! but yeah i think thats it for my week! investigators and others: The two kids Vanessa and Kevin did not really share to much with us this week! they were kinda being bums! but they still have their baptismal fecha for the 8th of September! The family we found.... well the husband shared with us once and we didn't see them again! so yeah.... we'll see what happens there. i think we've lost them. the wife was kinda skeptical of us. so maybe in the future they'll warm up to us! we'll keep tryin! Recent Convert. We are working with a recent convert to go do baptisms for the dead with her husband! but she's been a little nervous about it. so we've been talkin with her and we finaly got her to want to go! so she's got an appointment with the bishop for an interview! and her husband too for the melchizidick priesthood! so yeah it's gonna be awesome! i'm excited! and then we've also been workin with a less active and he started to come back to church and actually wants to get back into his old calling! so we're havin success there! but yeah hopefully this week the lord will give us someone to start teaching! we'll work on it! but that's about it! but yeah hope you're not worryin about me! i'm doing great out here! i'm feelin good! excited to be working and pumped to be out here! but yeah let me know if i can do anything for you guys! Love you all tons!

Monday, August 13, 2012

6/16 4/6‏

Family! whats up??? Nothin much here. Just got out the hospital again... haha yeah surpirse to you??? surprise to me too! i took some tests last week gave the results to the doctor and then saturday night they called me up and said pack up your going to the hospital doctors orders... so yeah i went again. BUT GOOD NEWS!!! They figured out what i have and fixed it! :) so yeah finally healthiness!!! :) i go back in two weeks to make sure for sure for sure that everythings gone and that i don't have anything else! but yeah crazy times! but yeah this is gotta be short i need to go! we're late for a family home evening! i just back like an hour ago! but yeah so investigators welll we taught the husband of the family three times this week! he's... a little slow but his wifes a little faster! so this week we'll be able to teach them all together! Plus the mom is having some struggles with her families health so the plan of salvation will be great for her! :) but yeah then other then that we put two fechas with the little kids we've been trying to teach they finally started to talk with us! and my comp is enjoying things more! we're having some fun now and he's talking more to me! so good news there! so this week is short but full of good news! Next week i'll be a little bit longer and i'll be able to tell ya more! Have fun at school everyone... suckers!!! hahaha ;) i mean you lucky people you! but yeah thanks for all your support and prayers! they've helped a ton! :) your all the best! :) Love ya tons!
-Elder Carlson

Monday, August 6, 2012

6/16 3/6

FAMILY!!! How are you doing??? :) things are going pretty good here!
we're finally gettin some success! been hitting up the members more
and we actually had a lesson with an investigator! and it's actually
gonna be a family! so yeah i'm pretty stoked for that! my companion...
well he hasn't had much success out here and if your in an area for
too long with no success and not much to do you kinda... die in the
work there...or you just don't have any excitement so yeah hopefully
this family will get him excited to go! but yeah other then that
health is going pretty good! we left every day! we even survived a
cyclone that passed by and i guess more earthquakes! i didn't feel
them so yeah bummer there! but also! our light aka electricity aka
power aka air conditioning and aka our sleep! has been going crazy!
they cut it for the whole day saturday cause of the cyclone thing and
then its been on the fritz ever since! but yeah i'm not a fan of the
electricity in this country but yeah its only two years! when i get
back i'm just gonna be in heaven with water and electricity all the
time! :) probably just there all day with my fan on me! :) haha but
yeah i also think i've been growing new muscles in my hands cause i've
been fanning my self with a note book and its just like killing my
hand so yeah can't wait for a battery powered fan to help me out! :)
but i know its on its way! ummm what else??? uhhhh yeah i can't really
think of anthing else! oh has anyone posted my whole health stuff on
facebook cause there is one of the couple missionaries thats out here
the Reeses that have a daughter who has a friend that keeps asking
about me so and no one here really knows who that is so i'm curious if
its one of my friends or if its one of you guys! if you could let me
know that'd be awesome! :) oh hey guess what??? this week in the mail
i got a wedding invitation to... Jaycee Jolley and Brady Hafens
wedding in June! yes here we are in August and i just got the wedding
announcement! :) love the DR mailing system! but yeah other then that
no mail... kinda a bummer there. Don't be shy to send letters! :) i
won't throw them away! or anything like that! i will read them and i
may be a little slow to send something back but i will send you a
letter back! so yeah :) what else? oh yeah i keep finding more and
more people that speak english in my ward! like yesterday we visited
someone that lives here that grew up in Georgia! Him and his wife talk
english and so it was crazy to talk english the whole time! but yeah
they're buying a cabin in a mountain here and its just awesome! its
crazy! i miss going to cabins! stef beau whens the cabin going up??
haha oh and speaking of the beach.... you're gonna have to give me
some time in the mountains and away from humidity and stuff like that!
i want my cold mountain air! :) sorry! but yeah maybe for spring
vacation or something! but yeah i think that is about it for this
week! hope you all enjoyed this weeks lnog email! you guys are the
best! love you all so much! thanks for your prayers and all your
support! :)
-Elder Carlson

Thursday, August 2, 2012

6/16 2/6‏

First things first.....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) Alright family! how's things going there??? things are
going pretty good here! someone started praying extra extra hard this
week for me to poop cause i've been having a lot of success in that
department lately! so thank you for your poop prayers! i've been
feeling better! I've been able to get out and get to know the ward a
little better! My companion is struggling with this area cause its
super tough to get people out here who will listen cause we're in one
of the richest areas and we push a lot of intercoms! so yeah i'm
trying to get him excited and we're gonna try and go work with members
so we can get some references! so we're gonna work on that this week!
we've also talked to the ward mission leader to help us out too! so
we'll be going full forces this week! we really don't have any
investigators cause the investigators that they are little kids and
well you know how little kids can be! so we're gonna try and find new
ones that will actually progress! umm what else? i'm getting ready to
send off a package! anyone want anything? i'll send it off next week
so if you want anything let me know by NEXT MONDAY!! so yeah that'd be
great! for my package if you haven't sent it off yet it'd be awesome
if you could send me one of those portable hand fans! like the battery
powered ones! or some sort of battery powered fan! as you know light
or in other words electricity goes in my house during parts of the day
when we're they're and it gets hot! so if we have a fan its not to
bad! so if you could send one or two that'd be great! :) and... hmmm
yeah i don't know what else! skittles! orrrr OH! our house has an oven
so cookie mixes! muffin mixes! bran muffin mixes! ;) but yeah stuff
like that! but yeah! ummm what else? oh yeah not a fan of what you
wrote dad.... yeah with all these ipads out here makes me want one
like crazy! they're like 250 bucks out here! but yeah i'm not havin
one out here cause yeah just not safe! but yeah when i get back i'm
gonna get one! cause the church library in one app! freak yeah! i
don't like having to be jumping from book to book if i could just
click and Bam! i'm to where i want to be! but yeah dad keep updated on
these electronics so that when i get back you can give me a crash
course on whats the latest and greatest! so i can get caught up fast!
i kinda wanna try and work at best buy when i get back so i'll need to
be caught up with all my gadgets! but yeah what else? oh yeah feliz
dia de padres! (happy fathers day!) The DR just had theres and it
remind me that ours past! and i'm pretty sure that it was one of those
weeks that i was in the hospital or around there! but i'm sending off
some stuff for ya! but yeah sorry i missed that! and mom keep hitting
up that ward even after january! even though the shaums are going to
your other ward i like it better that you go to the singles ward! and
you can't go against me on this one you already went against me on the
house thing! so yeah keep going! but yeah then stef and beau and
blake! FELIZIDADES! (CONGRATULATIONS!) i'm super stoked to hear that!
it's about time! you gotta keep me updated and if its boy or girl! and
keep Nicole updated too! but yeah i do believe that is all! you guys
ready for the school year to start??? i'm sorry i'm not able to help
you with registration mom! but maybe in two years! i'll have some
spanish with me too so we can deal with them faster too! :) i thought
about that alot lately! and that when i get back i'll be able to help
you guys out with spanish speakin people in the schools! :) i've
always wanted to be able to talk to them! :) but yeah soon soon! i'm
coming up on ten months in just over two weeks! crazy crazy! but yeah
i'm gonna go write president now! thanks for everything! you guys are
the best! love you guys!
-Elder Carlson