Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4/16 6/6‏

Hello family! How's everything going??? things are going great here! i'm a little bummed but i'm still doing great! sooooo the results of this transfer..... Elder Bentley is going to be...... a zone leader in another zone and i'm going to be with another missionary that finishes up with me.... yeah..... when you end someones mission its called killing them and i have already killed elder bitton and its not the funnest but oh well we're gonna work hard regardless! another interesting fact is that i'm going to be opening up a new area here in san juan! an area that hasn't seen mormons ever so we should have lots of success there! so we're pretty stoked about that! the two dominicans are staying here so its gonna be another.... interesting.. transfer! but we'll make it! I'm just gonna keep working hard! speaking of working hard! Robyn the teenage boy we've been teaching has asked me to baptize him! i'm pretty stoked about that! he's a stronger member already then a lot of the members here and he's not a member yet! so we're pretty stoked about that too! it should be this saturday! lets hope and pray that all goes well with this one and that theres not any problems! what else??? ummm nothing else really to exciting i don't think! oh alright heres an interesting story for the week. This week i had one day of just bad diaheria so we came home early and didn't go out to work in our area that night. well turns out the next day we find out that there was a big machette/gun fight that same night. If we would've stayed out we would've been in the middle of that fight! crazy huh??? so when i'm sick its not always a bad thing! :) but yeah we're actually done with that area and moving out for a new area! its pretty tough cause we're not getting many new investigators cause people are a little more prideful cause its a little richer then the area we were in but someones waiting for us! but yeah investigator time! This week was the best week of my mission as far as numbers go. We had lots of success with our investigators and getting members to leave with us. We set 4 fechas and with the new area opening up we will be getting more. Our lessons were good and effective lessons also. Me and Elder Bentley have been working hard here and i will miss him for sure but i know the lord needs him in Bahni and that Elder Harris needs to be out here. This week we got to meet with Robyn a lot and he now has all the lessons. This week we will pass over the questions and repass over a few other things. He is a strong investigator and loves the Book of Mormon! He has actually been coming to more of the church activities then alot of the members have. He is very excited to get baptized and has already begun thinking about a mission! He lives in the poorer part of town so he may not have the chance to get to go for funds but i'm going to keep in touch with him so that if neccesary i can help him out. he will be a great missionary! Our next closests fechas is Yesenia and Yissel. They are a mother and daughter and they want to be members. Yesenia wants to set an example for her family and for her husband who is evangelical. They weren't able to make it this week to church but tomorrow we will find out why. Our next fechas is Yahira and Glaci. They are another mother and daughter. We are working primarily with Jahira. She promised us she would go to church this week but she didn't make it. She is still missing something but we're not sure what it is. We are gonna keep working with her. This week we will also be going out to know this new area and hopefully get a lot of success out there. So yeah i don't know what else??? this week will be an interesting one! i'll let ya know how it all goes! oh yeah weird to hear that everyones getting married! skylar jorgenson, brandy, jaycee! i still haven't seen any of these wedding announcements or anything! so yeah hopefully this week i'll get some of those! but yeah i think i'm good for this week! thanks for everything family! keep writing me! i love getting emails and letters are great too! keep me updated on how summers going and get on sister to email me a little bit more! :) but yeah i love you all!!!
-Elder Carlson!