Monday, November 26, 2012

8/16 2/6

Welll one word describes this week! WOW!!! so yeah it was an amazing week! the best week of my mission by far! i´ve been able to be an intstrument in the lords hands this week! It was an amazing week! So we started off the week having an awesome lesson with the family of Altagracia and gave them challenge to read Moroni 10. So we had a lesson with her grandson Carlos who is American but lives her so that we could teach him in English. So we had our lesson with him and we asked him if he prayed about it. He said that he had. so we asked him what he thought. He said i don´t know i got this feeling that i wanted to learn more and that i couldn´t wait for your next appointment and i asked him why he couldn´t wait and he explained to us that after he prayed he got this feeling that he couldn´t describe but it was way good! he´d never felt it before but he liked it alot! we explained the feelings of the spirit and asked him to get baptized! He accepted! later we put a fecha with his grandma and grandpa! so that was amazing! the following lessons with Carlos were amazing! he´s very inteligent and is very excited to learn more and is super excited about this! When i first met him he said hello then went striaght to his room now he´s one of our strongest investigators! He got up and ready for church and came and participated in the classes and we had really good support from the members even! Then on my year mark i didnt really get to celebrate cause we had to take care of the baptismal stuff for kevin but we did some contacting and it was not a day for contacting we got yelled at by this old guy after i told him that if he ever had any questions that we were always walking in the street and someone just stole his donut or somethin cause he went off on us. so we were done contacting for the day so we decided to go down to the gas station by where we were contacting. So we went there and when we got in and were lookin for a drink this white guy that had like a santa clause face comes up and starts talking english to us! Turns out that he was from Canada and was sharing with missionaries up there and was about to get baptized but then had to come down here urgently. So he had been here for about two weeks and was trying to find us and had called people but had never got a hold of us and finally this day he happened to see us and chased us down! i know that God stole that guys donut so that we would stop contacting and go to that place so that we could meet him! His name is Tom! he doesn´t know much Spanish but he´s learning! he´s a volunteer for some orginization and came to church with us on sunday and loved it! We´re super stoked to be part of the lords work here in Mirador and i´ve seen that i´ve been the lords tool almost every day this week! it´s been amazin! such a spiritual rush! we´re getting a lot more members involved and a lot of others are seeing the level of missionaries we are and are starting to give us references that they never gave us with my other companion! so i´m super excited for that! The baptism on saturday was awesome! as you see from the pictures we baptized him and after played a little ping pong! But funny moment for this week... so we did service on saturday morning then after we turned on the font to get it started filling up cause it usually takes about 5 hours to fill up so we went home got all showered and changed then came back to the chapel to see where it was at and when we entered in the front doors we found out where it was at..... yeah this one fills up fast and ended up flooding over the drain that was supposed to keep it from over filling and then spilled outside! luckily theres not carpet here so we just had to sweep the water into the drains here! haha kinda crazy but yeah it was fun! the baptism was a good success and for sure one i won´t forget! but yeah that´s about all my news for this week! sounds like everyone is having a great time enjoying the weather there! the weather here is pretty great too! :) but yeah that´s it for this week! all of our investigators are doing great! have several people with a fecha and were putting more and more each week! :) oh the guy that i told you about that got super burnt cause the oven exploded on him welll he left the city! he got good enough to go home! so yeah! crazy stuff here!
i love you all so much! and of course i gotta say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! :) on Sunday! hope you guys have an awesome week!

-Elder Carlson

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