Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7/16 3/6

WOW FAMILY!!!! This week is gonna be short! we went to our regular internet center and the light left so we had to go looking for an internet center all over town that had light and we finally found one! so yeah really quick! this week was super fast! i'm not sure why but went super fast! hopefully it continues like that! but yeah this week for work! we're starting to get more and more references and more people to teach! but our success this week is definitly the fact that we had two guys we've been working with get interviewed and prepared to recieve the Melchizdeck priesthood which they'll recieve this sunday! :) so yeah score! ummm yeah other then that yeah health still going strong! and yeah sorry bout the bank account nothing else will come out of that! i'm gearing up for my birthday this week! pretty stoked! some members said they're gonna bake me a cake! and tomorrow for our district meeting we're gonna celebrate too! cause it was one of the sisters birthdays too! so we're gonna party! but yeah party it up there also! make some cake or eat some ice cream or something for me on sunday! :) but yah like i said super short this week! next week pray that theres light so i can write a little more! I love you guys tons!
-Elder Carlson

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