Monday, November 26, 2012

8/16 5/6

Familia! Como estan todos??? How was everyones week! looked like it was pretty good! a little cold but good! surprisingly its gotten cold here! we finally hit like the 80´s! So its felt pretty great! but yeah this week was full of meetings! this week was like all meetings it seemed like! but it helped it go by somewhat fast! as far as investigators go everyones still pretty busy doing stuff that just gets put first instead of the church. so yeah we´re just being patient but we´re having super succesful citas! Wencaslao is getting more interested and he´s actually got a baptismal date for january! so yeah we´re pretty stoked for that! he wouldn´t even listen to us but now he´s taken the lessons too! The only problem is that we have to wait for his wife to get back! then in January they´ll get baptized! and theres a family! woo!!! so yeah hopefully we can get them involved more with the ward so that they can get excited for going to church cause that´s what they fault! but yeah then we´re also looking for more people to teach! we´re hitting and missing alot! we had a super good cita with an investigator the other night but he didn´t make it to church and we haven´t seen him since... so i don´t know. but yeah we´re still trying our hardest! ummm sooo looks like america voted for an obamanation! (say it outloud if ya don´t get it) we had people keeping us up on things but we got the bad news wednesday morning! but oh well! in sunday school class we´re on the second coming and the milenium so yeah i´m not to worried! ;) but yeah atleast it was close and that he´s never gonna be president again after this! soooo as far as the conditions for here.... well all i have to say is..... it´s begining to look alot like christmas!!! every where you go!!! :) yeah theres not thanksgiving here so christmas stuff is going up like crazy! even at church we had a small christmas special number yesterday! not a fan of it but i guess it´s gettin me in the mood right?? yeah i´m stoked cause this is my last christmas here! so next year i´ll be back with you guys singing carols and drinking hot chocolate and all that! :) oh speaking of which i made a list of stuff i want for my christmas package. well i need some more shaving blades for my razor. i have the gilette fusion power or something its like black and blue! but yeah then some more mesquito repelent with like the sponge applicator! somemore garments i´m going to town on mine. and then my comp got something amazing the other day in his package. it was a shake and pour brownie mix! :) i wouldn´t complain for one of those! and then chocolate like m and ms! and some hot chocolate packages! like the marshmellow lovers! and yeah that´s all i got this week! if you can´t tell i´m i a chocolate mood! that´s what chirstmas time does to me! :) but good news! ponche is coming out soon!!! aka egg nog!!! i can´t wait to drink that again! :) but yeah that´s about for this week! hope you all have a great week! i love you all tons!
-Elder Carlson
oh and transfers are this week i´ll let ya know what happens! if ya don´t mind throwing in your prayers that i stay here that´d be awesome! :)

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