Monday, November 26, 2012

8/16 6/6

Family!!!! soooooooo how´s everyone doin this fine thanksgiving week?? i´m doing pretty good super nervous cause the transfers calls came and i´m leaving Mirador and Santo Domingo and heading to Bani! as Zone Leader! yup i didn't think it was possible for someone to get that calling in my situation but! i'm gonna do my best! so with that i have no clue what's gonna happen as far as christmas and stuff goes! depends on my area and my comp and what he's gonna do! so i'll let ya know in like a week or two! but yeah crazy stuff i'm super nervous being in charge of a district is intense but in charge of a whole zone! with just barely over a year! it's gonna be intense but i'll for sure get better in every way! :) so yeah that's my big transfer news. Other news for this week we had some fun! we got to go clean the beach as you see in the pictures! it was pretty fun! yeah i was on a caribean beach! funny thing was that there was a baseball training acadamy right on the beach! yup that's the DR for ya! but yeah there wasn't alot of people that helped out but we had fun! then this week it was the first birthday of Angelina. The little girl of a family we're working with! the parents didn't have enough money to throw a party for her so me and Larsen pitched in all of our package items and made her a cake and balloons and that to throw her a little party! it was a success except for Angelina was a little afraid of her cake but quite enjoyed the balloons and the attention! She did eventually eat some cake! not quite like me! ;) you know i'm all hands when it comes to cake! :) but yeah those were probably the coolest part of our week! ummm we also did intercambios with the ccm this week! i went with a mexican! He was pretty chill but didn't talk much! but it was fun still! as far as investigators we had a lot of success in church! The ward here is super good at helping the investigators feel welcome! i'm for sure gonna miss that! but hopefully i'll be able to get that in my next ward! we'll see what happends! but yeah i'm pretty excited to see how my next area is and how everything goes! i figure i've only got one more area after this one but we'll see! but yeah i'm pretty excited to see how it all goes! tomorrow i get right into my responisiblities makin sure everyone gets on and off the transfer bus like they should! Oh! and i'm also taking over the place of Elder Bentley! He's leaving and i'm going in for him! so it's gonna be awesome to see him again! :) bummer we weren't comps again! but yeah i don't know if i've got much more to say this week! Hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all of you guys and all of your emails even if they're just short and telling me about what happened even if it wasn't to interesting! I love it! :) thanks! You're the best! :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
-Elder Carlson

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