Monday, November 26, 2012

8/16 3/6‏

Hey family! how´s things going there! things here are crazy hurricane sandy hit through here this week and it was........ ridiculously.... calm! nothing really bad happen! i´ve been through worse in St. George! so yeah no worries about me we´re doing fine here! and just so you guys know i think i´ve already said this but in the dedicatory prayer for this country it says that there won´t be any natural disasters here if the saints live like they should! so yeah we´re pretty well watched over here! but yeah let me know what goes down on that side! plus let me know what happens with the whole elections! and how it´s all looking out! things seem really close and people here are talking more and more about it! but yeah still we´re not there! but anyways so this week was pretty chill but good! we´re getting in better with our bishop and with our ward mission leader so we´re doing good there! everyone was in there houses cause of the storm but it made it super hard for us to get around and stuff cause no one wanted to do anything with all the rain! when it rains here they shut down everything! EVERYTHING!!!! like the schools get shut down its ridiculous! but yeah we sat in the house most the time and just chilled! but we´ve had some bad news with one investigator.... tom.... he´s moving again! it sucks! he told us about how he is moving and not gonna be in our ward anymore and then was like oh and by the way when can i get baptized...... just shoot us in the foot why don´t ya! it sucked! but yeah those other missionaries will be super lucky! but yeah then with Carlos he didn´t make it to church cause of the rain! i tell ya when it rains here everyone just doesn´t move! they´ve got a thing here that if you get wet you get sick! so they don´t leave there houses! frustrating! but yeah other then that things are going good! we´re teaching a ton and doing lots better then last transfer! so yeah i´m super stoked! me and larsen talk about hunting all the time so thats the best too! Today was his birthday so i used all the decorations i got from you guys and put them up last night when he was asleep and so this morning he woke up to some birthday stuff! figured better make his birthday a good one! :) cause i had an awesome one! so yeah we celebrated a ton today! but yeah i think that´s about it for this week! pretty boring i know but that´s what happens during a hurricane! but know that i´m still super stoked cause we´re having an awesome time and have awesome investigators! Oh success this week! Mariano gave the prayer in our ward conference this week! the first time he went inactive was something like that but sunday he was just super stoked and proud of himself for doing it! he´s getting to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead! :) but yeah life´s awesome here! i love you all!
-Elder Carlson

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