Monday, February 20, 2012

Semana de no se!‏

Wow what a week!!! alright sooooo lets get started! this week was crazy! we started off with a  branch valentines party where our investigator paulina sang and during her song winked at elder bitton! haha it was great! then i got more custom made pants! then we get to thursday... So started off thursday awesome! Got up and i made some pankcakes! they looked awesome and i'm getting pro at making food now! then we went throughout the day and came to our lesson with paulina! She told us during this lesson that she was not sure that she wanted to be baptized and that she wasn't sure she could change and all this stuff that was just lies cause there was something else. She never told us what that stuff was but we figured it was just friends talking. So we asked her to pray about it and let us know the next day cause the next day was their interviews so she's like ok. So we left went to bed then next day we got up did our regular studies and then we made lunch and called her! First call she didn't answer second.... a guy answered and said she wasn't there.... yeah awesome huh??? so yeah we didn't have time to really worry about her cause we had more lessons so we went to them and on our ways back we passed by her house and she was out side so we're like hey interviews are right now are ya getting baptized or not and she's like no.... yeah not what we wanted to hear so we're like ok well are you coming to the english class tonight?? oh yeah don't know if i told you we started an english class but we did! anyways she was like yeah! so we decided we'd talk to her there! so we went to the church and juanel gets his interview and his goes for 40 minutes! we thought he just went off on some crazy story of his past and that it wasn't gonna happen and he finally comes out during english class but he was good to go! so we were stoked for him! and you probably guessed it that paulina did not show up to the class! so yeah after english class we're like alright... well this sucks that paulinas not coming so we go to the colmado by our house to by some stuff to eat and we get this call from our branch secretary and he's like hey i've got a young lady that's here and wants to talk to you. So we ran back to the church and guess who was there! Paulina! yeah she was like in tears and wanted to get baptized! you could tell the change in her! she had finally prayed with real intent and got her answer! so yeah we had to make a few calls got her appointment set up for the interview a few hours before the baptism! so the next morning at 3:50 we got up headed to a bus and drove three hours from Azua where i'm at to the capital and we went to the institute building where we got to listen to Elder Bednar and Bishop Mcmullen the bishop of the presiding bishopric! it was awesome! we didn't get to shake their hands but we were super close it was really cool! after that we booked it back to Azua and got to the chappel where we had paulinas interview and prepped for the baptism and finished all around 5:55 and the baptism was at 6! awesome huh??? well yeah that was a stressfull crazy day! but it was good! Elder Bitton baptized paulina and a member of the ward baptized juanel! sunday we got to help in the confirmation of them both! it was cool! they'll be awesome members of the church! then to make this week more exciting i also gave my first blessing in spanish! It was pretty crazy but really cool! yeah crazy week this week!!! but yeah that's my week this week! you are welcome to send packages! they don't cost me much to get them out! if you could send me my winchester multitool thing! some breakfast foods like granola bars or stuff like that! and.... rogaine please! haha my hairs gettin worse! Stef be quite! but yeah that's if you could that'd be awesome!! :) well that's it for this week! til the next! i love you all!!!
-Elder Carlson

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