Saturday, February 4, 2012

End of the first transfer

I have finished one transfer! only 15 more to go! this one flew by so i'm sure the next will go by a lot faster! I don't think we've really done anything to crazy this week! uhh yeah guess i'll go into the investigators this week! Jorddy our start investigator failed us once again this week! didn't show up to church and isn't meeting with us so yeah we have to push back his baptismal date once again!  We gained a reference named Juanel. His girlfriend's family is members and they all support him very well! He has a lot of excitement to change his life and become a member! He's keeping his commitments really well has gone to church several times! He's accepted a baptismal date for the 11th of February and i have no doubt he'll be ready by then. Our other investigator with a baptismal date is Paulina. She meets with us almost everyday and accepts everything we give her! She also asks questions to confirm what she learned! She has her baptismal date for the 18th of February and with some more support from her sister that lives with her she'll be an awesome convert! We're working with the branch to get them both ready to go for after baptism and the branch is helping a lot! We have a few more references from the Branch President that we're working with that should be putting a baptismal date with tonight. The references from our president are little girls... yeah it's not the funnest teaching them cause you really have to make things simple simple and then we have to talk with parents. They've all been to church lots of times and the reason we got them was cause the president thought that they were already baptized but found out they weren't so turns out we'll be baptizing them... yayyy.... oh well its baptisms and helping there families! But yeah we're working a lot with references which rocks cause contacting just doesn't do anything! so if you ever have missionaries ask for reference help find someone and help the missionaries out! Makes life so much easier! But yeah oh i don't know if this is true or not but supposedly theres been like 50 some odd earthquakes that happend here. crazy huh?? i've only felt a few but they haven't been to big! uhhh what else??? oh yesterday we had a pretty awesome day! we met a guy from spain that's visiting here! he was good buds with us and today he's heading back to spain. he asked us for a blessing so we gave him one then he said when we finish our mission if we ever go to spain he works at a hotel and will get us a room for free! so if he's still there i may have to hit him up on that offer! but yeah he's gonna add me on facebook so nicole or stef who ever is keeping up on my facebook check my facebook and look for a friend invitation from estrubal something or something like that! he's a bigger guy i'll send a picture with this email. its the guy in the middle of me and elder bitton! so yeah he's pretty cool! had a lot of crazy stories! uhh i don't really know what else to write about this week! it was kinda a boring week! we have transfers this week so i'm on a new agenda book thing so i don't have all my stuff from the last week! uhhh stuff to send in packages! snacks! i lack snacks! and breakfast stuff! uhhh oh and a big mesquito repelent candle! elder bitton has one and it rocks! clears mesquitos outs of our room! uhh yeah and root beer! in a can! there is no root beer in this country! so pretty much any or every package don't be afraid to throw in a rootbeer! uhhh yeah! OH the pictures from everyone! wow everyone is changing! Blake is huge! Stef you look like you've lost weight! Everyones just looking different already! didn't think that'd be possible but its true! i'm getting the missionary affect! but yeah i think thats it for this week! Keep being the awesome family you are! my inspirational thought for the week is the hymn come come ye saints! read it! it's a good one! well family! Enjoy the life! and til next week! Adios!
Con amor! -Elder Carlson

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