Friday, March 2, 2012

Hola familia! Como estan?? things here are going great! this week was a pretty chill week! elder bitton got sick but we got him feeling better with some DR remedies of wet rags and cokes! haha but yeah other than that nothing to exciting! no weird foods this week and yeah i don´t know what more to say! so i´ll talk about the investigators for this week! This week was a good week. We put two baptismal fechas. One tuesday night while on the intercambio with Elder Christensen and the other sunday afternoon. Our first fecha,Gina, is a referal from a less active branch member who lives right next to Gina and the branch member is really into the mission work and always helps her out with studying the stuff we leave with her and bringing her to church! Our other fecha is the mother of one of our really strong branch members. We tried teaching her when we got first got to the area but she wouldn´t let us in. She had something wrong with her leg acouple weeks ago and it was getting bad so we gave her a blessing and this week we talked with her again and her leg thing was healing up. she really wants to learn about the gospel and can´t wait to be baptized and we found out that if she gets baptized a lot of her family will follow her and get baptized to. Shes a very strong catholic but now wants this change of religions so the family is really interested in why she´s going to change. So this willl be a great missionary oppertunity! We are still working with less actives and our ward members for more referals and they are helping us out a lot! This branch is awesome! oh i do remember something crazy! so we´re in sacrament yesterday and it was right during the sacrament portion when they were passing and our ward was super reverent which is a first but yeah it was super reverent when all of a sudden a lady comes into the chapel and yells hey people how are you! and everyone is like who is this??? so a lot of people just shushed her and then she´s like look i have something for you guys to do! so everyone shushed her again and instead of going out and waiting or anything she just stays standing in the middle of the chapel waiting for someone to attend to her! yeah our branch president gets up and takes her out yeah we dont know what she wanted or what ever happend but yeah awesome time in the dr! other then that nothing crazy! Elder Bitton is getting preped to go home! he leaves in two weeks so he´s pretty stoked but we´re still working hard! but yeah he started getting his stuff ready to pack and got his ties to send out so we got all our ties out and we filled the room! yeah looked like a tie shop! it was great! but yeah i also counted my ties! i still have 4 of my original ties! and 69 new ones! :) yeah i´m pretty stoked! all for really cheap! like less then i would pay for two ties in the states! its great! so i don´t lack in variety! uhhh i´ve already forgotten you´re questions sorry! but i´ll answer what i can remember! but yeah alright so how long have we known about these two hospital visits??? it´d be nice to know so i could atleast throw a prayer out for you guys! i´m not gonna be worried! i know that the lords taken care of you guys there! if i didn´t know that i wouldn´t be here! so yeah let me know with stuff like that! please and thanks! :) rather know this stuff then be kept in the dark! So stef! it was great to hear from you! slacking on me! but yeah blake just seems like he´s a lilttle kid already! is he talking yet??? oh fyi i´m doing the skype thing for mothers day! i decided i´m gonna do it no matter what! it may be crazy but i wanna try! but it´ll be through msn messenger so i already have that on my laptop so you should be good to go just set up and msn which i´m pretty sure you already have just make sure that you add me then get onto my account and add you guys! but that´s for a later time! but yeah anyways i do believe that is it! only thing for packages this week is chocolates! and i promise! you can send soda through the mail elder bitton has had a case of mountain dews sent to him and many other canned sodas threw the mail so please send them! but yeah MTN dew and Root Beer would be awesome! uhhh yeah i do believe that is for now! keep me updated and send more pictures! ohh just for your info if you go onto the and go to the find my ward or branch and type in Pueblo Arriba, Dominican Republica or something like that it should bring up my area! my house is three streets to the west of the chapel! there are no street views so just enjoy the over view! but yeah thats it for this week! yeah so
-Elder Carlson

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