Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 1 (of new transfer)

Well hello again from the month of February! wow how time passes! this week has been a good and interesting! no weird foods this week still living the good life of elder bitton and my good cooking! last night pancakes! ;) yeah love american cooking! ok yeah the thing with transfers cause everyone asked about them! Transfers are every 6 weeks! and theres 16 transfers in the 2 years. So a transfer does not mean i get transfered to a new place its just a new time! i´ll probably stay here in azua for 3 this last one, this one, and the next one. So yeah but yeah there ya go! transfers just a time thing really! but anyways this week for investigators status is: This week was a good week. Paulina ,one of our investigators with a baptismal date, helped us a lot this week. She met with us alot and even gave us her friend as a referal. She makes sure her friend is at every lesson and even went and got her out of bed and brought her to church with her this week. She is really excited to be baptized and she keeps every commitment we give her! We gave her the law of chastity lesson and ever since that she dresses a lot better! It is a cool experience to see the change in her already. Juanel, our other investigator with a baptismal date wasn´t so great this week because he wasn´t at some of his lessons and missed church. But we found out that he had stuff with his family for the lessons and sunday he slept in a little and thought he couldn´t come to church late so we made sure he knew he could come whenever. He´s really eager to learn more about the gospel and tries to talk about the next lessons we have planned before we even tell him. So he is eager to learn and become a member. yeah thats about it! our excitement for this week was that we got to meet with larry again! The fugitive! yeah turns out the federal marshalls broke into his house like ten years ago and put him in prison then he got back here by some congressman and now he´s just living here but we´re not a 100 percent sure what he did but we´re guessing he was a mafia boss slash pirate slash drug lord. yeah not a 100 percent sure but he loves talking to us and thinks were the nicest people there is! so we´ll probably go back and see him again! uhhh nothing else to crazy! got my custom made pants but one pair was two tight but the guy is fixing those then i dropped off another pair for him to fix. they´re all pinstriped but i have a green pair a black pair and he´s doing a brown pair for me right now! all my shirts except three are now fitted to me and i dont have the tons of extra fabric just hanging out! uhh life´s pretty good! no earthquakes this week and still rockin the illegal 24 hour light! water we´ve been doing good haven´t run out in a long time! oh yesterday was intense! i´m still trying to get used to the fasting here! i didn´t load up on enough sugar so yesterday i was shaking cause my blood sugar level was low! so next month i know to load up on sugar! but yeah i´m getting used to the cold showers! but supposedly theres like an attachment that you can hook up to the shower head thats a hot water heater so if you guys find one of those for cheap do not be afraid to send it! :) i will not complain! ok list time again for things i wouldn´t mind having out here. Recipes! not to complex with lots of weird ingredients like a good recipe for garlic bread would be a good one too! uhh seasonings! preferably the pre mixed ones so i can just toss some on and not worry! Snacks! i´m lacking on things to just snack on like granola bars! preferablly chocolate with peanut butter! and measuring utensils! like the cup thing that you have mom! something like that would be awesome! :) but yeah i think thats it! thank you much! :) but yeah i think thats about it from here! if theres anything you guys want from here let me know and i´ll get a package sent off to you guys! so let me know! stuff is cheap here so yeah whatever you´re thinking! ummm yeah i think that´s it for this week! :) have a good week! talk at yal next week! :) much love!
-Elder Carlson

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