Monday, February 13, 2012

Hola familia! How's life back in the states??? things are going pretty
great here! nothing to interesting or exciting! This week was pretty
chill and relaxed! Crazy food for this week would be Yuka! its like a
potato but not quite as good! i would recomend it once but other then
that not that great! but yeah anyways other then that we really didn't
anything weird! uhh i do have some super exciting news!!!! but yeah
i'll tell you that later! My crazyness for the week was that we were
teaching a lesson out in the street and we look down the street and a
huge brawl just starts up and so we're like wow is that a fight and
the investigators were like oh yeah they do that everyonce and a
while! yeah we just kept going on with the lesson! it was actually
really cool! i'm not gonna lie pretty stoked to go back to the guy!
But yeah super mega exciting news! is coming later! other craziness
for this week is that we went on splits with two returned
missionaries! the one i went with just got home and knew a lot of
english so i thought wow alright he's gonna be pretty legit fun to
hear his stories of the mission! wellllll yeah he turned out to be
crazy! we split apart and we needed lessons for the next day so we had
to do contacting and the guys like ok i'm fine with that so we went
out and elder bitton and the other guy went to our citas! well yeah we
went to do contacting and me and elder bitton have an order of how we
contact so we know where we're at and so we started where we left off
and this guy is like no we're not doing it like that! so he's like
come on missionaries go by the spirit! so he walks into the area we
already contacted and like goes to this ladies house that we already
contacted and so he goes and knocks on the door without listening to
me cause supposedly he knew best where to go. yeah theres a whole
thing about missionaries are the representives of Jesus Christ in
their area so they have stewardship to do that and so yeah he kinda
was out of line doing that! but yeah anyways already contacted the
lady and she comes to the door and he's like hi we're missionaries
from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and we'd like to
share a message with you can we come in. yeah the lady was like taken
back i'm sure cause she knew me from before and yeah so we go into her
house and he like wants to teach a lesson and when we're contacting we
set appointments for the next day not right then. yeah we taught the
lesson right then. yeah so he starts the thing off and asks if i'll
pray so that usually means that the other person starts the lesson so
i was like ok i'm interested to see where he starts the lesson and so
i finish the prayer look at him and he is just quite.... yeah i taught
the whole lesson myself and the lady was just laughing the whole time
cause we both knew what was going on and this RM just thought he knew
all that or something! yeah it was a crazy day the rest of the day! he
was an interesting person! anyways time for the super exciting mega
awesome news??? not yet! so yeah guess what??? i got two pakages this
week! :) i love my girls! :) thank you mom sister and nicole! :) you
guys are the best! i feel loved this valentines day! :) oh yeah by the
way happy valentines day tomorrow to all! i bought my heart tie for
this special day! :) oh yeah tie count is over 50 now! :) i love it!
haha but yeah what else??? oh investigators which leads into my super
exciting mega awesome spectacular news! so yeah Juanel and Paulina are
still awesome! they are both just rocking it and they both are
visiting with us this week almost every day because... they're gettin
BAPTIZED this saturday!!! but that is not all of my super exciting
mega awesome spectacular fantastic news! i get to meet Elder David A.
Bednar saturday!! yeah he's coming down here! i'm super stoked! :) so
this saturday i'll get to go see him talk and meet him and then come
back and have two baptisms that night!!! pretty awesome huh??? :)
thats my news! but yeah well now this letter is now boring cause the
good news is done! uhhh well yeah i believe that is all! as for next
packages! :) :) throw in chocolate! i miss good chocolate! root beers!
or dews which ever! tide to go! and uncrustables! :) and fyi the flat
rate boxes are a lot better! you can fit 20 pounds into the box for 55
and mom your package was like 5 pounds for 45 or something like that!
Elder Bitton says its just better that way! yeah but thanks for the
packages! oh yeah still can't bake anything so no baked good stuffs
please! i appreciate the thought! save those for another time when i'm
in a house that has a good stove! but yeah i think thats it for this
week! sounds like life at home is crazier then here! Mandys wedding
stuff is a lot crazier then here for sure!! well hope all is well this
week! Paz!!!
-Elder Carlson

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