Thursday, November 24, 2011


Wow what a week! i've had some pretty intresting days! :) the day after P day i got to go out to the university and do some contacting! :) it was intense and scary but after awhile i shook off the scaredness and got talkin! we talked to two people and it was cool the second girl we talked to she talked way fast and way soft but the spirit was so strong when we started talking to her i was able to understand her! :) it was way cool! i love the spirit so much! :) yeah things here have been going good! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :) how's life??? Who's eating where??? we're having a big dinner here tonight! i'm super excited for! :) oh speaking of food! this week i had my first encounter with food here that i'm not to excited for... so yeah everyday we get catered food from here which is usually rice beans and chicken with something else! well one day this week the food was way good and the chicken was so tender it like fell off the bones so i was moving it off my rice to have some more of that and i noticed something interesting.. a vertebrae or part of the spine of the chicken was right there... yeah this i catered too! WELL hope you enjoy your chicken today ;) haha but yeah needless to say i've avoided the chicken lately! uhhh what else??? uhhh we've taught a lot of investigators here which are just our teachers but they are getting on my nerves! i'm so ready to be out in the field and to teach actuall investigators not some that just pretend! when we go out to the university the spirit is just so much stronger there and i just want to be out there so much more! :) its awesome! so yeah i' ready to be out! 4 more weeks! luckily! so yeah stef! i'm missin blake! his pics are so cute and you telling about him just made me laugh so much today! he's still the stud of the computer lab when i look at the pics! :) so yeah keep them up! :) so yeah oh so my toe hasn't been doing to good so i talked to harmana glazier and she said that i need to go get my some sandals to dry out my toe! cause it's not drying so yeah me and elder coleman got to go out into the real world! it's surprisingly like america! minus traffic laws! but yeah it made me so excited to be out in the field! but anyways i've been wearing these sandals and i'm kinda likin them! :) they are super comfty! things here aren't that cheap as some people say it is! atleast what they said! so yeah maybe its just in that store we went to that it was expensive but these sandals are worth it! i'm really surprised i'm wearing them but it's helping my toe so yeah! bueno in both ways! :) uhhh what else???OH hurricane finally one!! give beau a high five for me i'm so glad they shut down desert hills :) uhh yeah oh stef your scrip was money1 :) that was way good! oh mom! go to the ward! early! don't put it off! do it now!!! read alma 34 32-34 and change the words from repentance to the words that are necessary! :) so yeah deal??? k deal! i don't think its cowidence! ;) so yeah what else??? uhhh yeah mom you just need muscle not money! the truck unlocks like it's supposed to i promise!! :) just be a litttle rough with it! its either that or the truck just doesn't want to get sold! we've been attached for to long!! ;)  oh dad! i love that story of the 2nd grader i had to laugh!! but holy cow 2 miles of swimming! that's insane! you have definitly taught me patience! OH k so i have to thank you all for the examples you've givin me! :) since todays thanks giving i'd like to say what i'm thankful for! i'm thankful for mom and all that you've taught me! for helping me do laundry which i now do on my own! and for reminding me to keep my room clean! and the importance of that! i'm thankful for all the things you've said to me about what i should be doing and the way you've raised me! it helps a lot here! Stef i'm thank ful for you and for the love you show me and your family and how much you've grown! it's helped me grow! i love hearing that your praying and reading scriptures every night! i've noticed that my days go alot better when i do that! i'm thankful for your example of being pretty strict about stuff and getting after me about stuff when mom wouldn't or i wouldn't listen! it's helping me right now! Dad: thanks for helping me love everyone no matter what and paitence! much paitence! cause here i need it! ALOT!!!! These elders are awesome but some drive me up a wall! but with lots of paitence! and lots of prayers! i'll make it through the rough ones and onto the good ones! well i'm off for the day thanks everyone for th emails! i love them all! :) you are all the best! :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat lots of pie for me! talk at ya next week! :)
le amo mi familia! -Elder Carlson!

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