Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Letter!

Hola familia! :) How's life??? things are great here! it feels like it's been forever since i've talked to you guys! Letters are horrible down here so if you've sent any in the past week i still haven't got them! hopefully it doesn't take that long to get letters from me! i don't know if i'll be getting letters to you guys today at least cause we got back from the temple late! The temple here is gorgeous! :) we're coming down here and seeing it again! inside and out is awesome! :) uhhh what else! i wish i was out in the field! i'm stuck on the same floor of the same building for about 80 percent of my day the other 20 is when we go down for food or when we go for Gym! uhhh where we stay is like a residence place for people who come from far away to do temple work! so we have some locals come in a lot and talk to us! :) it's pretty cool! the other night we got to go out on the temple ground and tell people about the book of mormon and challenge them to read it! apparently the guy we talk to works either for the CCM or is a temple worker so he helped us out a ton! we talked to a guy and girl and found out the guy was waiting on his mission call! it was cool! :) they speak super fast and cut out so many letters and some people have a lisp! oh my goodness is it dificult to understand them! but luckily we have the spirit on our side! haha the spanish is coming a long good! :) we have the basics down i think .... hopefully! but yeah so we can testify and pray and talk pretty well to each other! it's our goal to talk without using english! :) we're doing pretty good! :) its helpful to have such good elders here that are way dedicated and want to learn so we learn fast! :) uhhh yeah i'm not sure what else to say! oh uh food! the food here is catered to us so its pretty good! :) they're not kidding when they say you have rice and beans at almost every meal! we haven't had it for breakfast yet but i won't be surprised if we do soon! uhhhh they have this drink call Bon which is like the welchs of the DR and the juice is SOOO good! :) like it's crazy how good it is! uhhh yeah theres only us 26 missionaries here so it's pretty personal with the teachers but like 2 weeks from now we're getting a lot of native speakers so our time with teachers will shoot down a lot! i think our confidence in our spanish willl too! haha its gonna be intense but i'm excited! more espanol talked is more espanol learned! so yeah what else??? uhhh the people here are super nice! :) they are so helpful and fun! uhh oh my companion! is elder coleman! he is from idaho and he's a big BYU fan so he keeps me updated on what's going on! He said that Riley nelson got injured so that was a bummer to hear! but they're still doing good! and DH and Hurricane in the state championship! please tell me Hurricane wins!! I do not want DH to win at all! so yeah next email time i expect to here a dh loss! uhhh oh yeah! letters go out of here on friday! i dont know if you have sent any yet i haven't recieved any! but yeah we get to email on thursdays! in the morning we print them off and read them so don't be afraid to email me long stuff! Oh stef the picture of blake were money! he is such a stud :) i wish i could have seen him as a hobo in person! :) everyone gathered around when i pulled up the pictures! yeah he got some cheers! haha :) so yeah what else??? uhh packages... i don't really need anything right now and from what i hear its pretty expensive so don't send any really! sorry! you can if you want but i dont know what to have you put in them! pictures mostly! i miss seeing you guys! uhhhh what else??? Oh mom! GO TO THAT WARD!!!! Please at least once for me.... and then one more time for every member of our family! :) Gracias! and Dad tell the carlsons i got there emails and i love hearing from them! :) i don't have much time to email today so i'll try and get to them next week! but tell them hello and that i miss sundays eating pie! no pie down here :( but we do get ice cream and brownies on sundays!:) so thats a plus!! uhhh what else??? i'm not sure what else to say! that's pretty much it from down here for this week! uhhh hopefully next week i'll have more time to email you guys! i love you all so very much! :) i'm so grateful to have you all! your a big strength on my mission! knowing that i have so much support here just boosts my spirits! Keep up the awesome work! Sis don't stop sending pictures! i love them! :) i'll send some when i can! :) Love you much!
-Elder Carlson!

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