Thursday, November 3, 2011

3rd Email and LOTS OF PICTURES!

Wow! i''m on my last week of the the provo mtc! holy cow how things have flown by! i got my travel iternary but i forgot to grab it before i went to the temple so i''m sending a copy to stef in her letter so check it out there! but everyone be prepared on nov. 10 at like 2:30 ish thats when i should be calling! i fly to texas to florida then down to the DR and our layover in flordia where i'll call is like 4 hours so that is muy bueno! so yeah i bought a calling card for like 10 hours just incase! but speaking of which mom! my bank account is low from the book store because i've had to buy my antibiotics which are coming up in a later story, but then i also had to buy a bunch of stuff to take care of my toe like neosporin and band aids and then a few other things for class like spanish dicitionary things etc etc. so yeah! sorry! if ya can throw more into the account it;d be much appreciated! but yeah so on to the stories for the week! uhhh so my toe operation was a success he sliced up a lot of them! i'm pretty sure you guys have already gotten the pictures or are about to! but yeah he cut out a lot! so i soaked it and all that and it kept hurting and it was way red so after acouple days i told elder godfrey we should go to the health place so we went to the health place to check it out and the nurse walks in to look at it cause the foot doctor only comes in like every two weeks so she took one look at it and was like WHOA! yeah that's infected lets get you an appointment at the medical center down the road so they hooked me up with a shuttle ride to the medical center so me and elder godfrey went off campus in a car! it was way weird but cool! and we went into the appointment and the nurse checkin me in took a look at it and was like wow that is infected! so i was like great everyones first word is wow! that's bad! just what i wanna hear right?? yeah so she checks me in and the doctor comes and she takes a look at it and guess what she said??? you guessed it! wow yeah lets get you on some antibiotics! so they prescribed me some antibiotics that were like 500 mg each pill which i have to take 4 times a day! so on top of this mtc food my stomach is going nuts! but none the less it seems to be going down! i have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to have him check on it! So i should be good to go! They do know me in the medical place now! surprise surprise right?? haha so yeah i'm loving all the letters and packages! i'm known as the kid that always gets something! so i feel really blessed! i feel bad though cause sometimes i don't get to write everyone cause thursday's are our only times to write and we only have like 4 hours! so i kinda have to pick and choose! Sorry i don't write you guys back to much i figure you get the email and others don't but today i'm writing you guys! So yeah things here are awesome! La espanol es muy bien! es muy dificille! pero con la espiritu estoy apprender it! :) so yeah we gained a new investigator which is just our teacher but we still try to teach him! it's a lot easir now cause the spanish is coming along better but it's still difficult because i dont get every word so i can't express myself like how i want to! so i'm struggling there but with paitience i can learn it! so yeah i can't believe next week i will be out of the country! es muy loco! i can't wait though! one of our branch presidency members told us that the DR ccm is way more relaxed and that i get to go do splits in the afternoons with the elders! so yeah! :) awesome huh?? i'm way excited but way nervous cause i'm not gonna know what they're saying at all! they talk horribly so i'm way nervous! so yeah what else?? we have these things called trc's which are just members that volunteer and come talk to us and we just talk about the gospel in spanish and it's way cool! i love it cause they help us! and its fun to be able to talk about things and they know what we're saying! OH it snowed here! yeah i'm glad i'm going to the carribean soon! it's getting way cool! Oh hey beau congrats on the elk! i want pictures soon! so email some! and i have to brag! when i get out of the temple i can see the leval edwards stadium! yeah its like two blocks away! its awesome! except saturdays when i'm walking to class and i hear the crowds roar and can hear the game going on! So i miss you guys a ton! the spirit is so strong i love it here! i can't wait to be able to talk to you guys and talk about it and not have to write about it! think up some questions! i'll answer them! i don't think i'll get a email in next week cause of the whole flying down there! but i'll be able to talk to you guys! Oh dad i got the socks! i have never been so excited for socks! haha kinda feel stupid saying that but it's true! thanks mom for your two pairs too! they're really warm so when its cold up here they keep my feet warm! uhhh i have like 6 minutes left! i don't like the whole timed thing but oh well its a good thing! so yeah thanks for your pictures you guys sent too! i'll take a picture of my desk beau will appreciate it! ;) so will nicole and all the woolleys! :) Oh it made me so happy knowing that stef and mom and nicole hung out and read letters and pictures and stuff! keep it up! that raises my spirits up so much knowing that my three favorite girls are getting together and talking about that kinda stuff! i hope it helps you guys as much as it does me! :) Uhhh lets see 4 minutes so for my last thought i'll share an experience that i had! I went to a workshop about prayer and reciving revlation yesterday and they had us read our scriptures and come up with a question we wanted answered! as we did this we were supposed to pray to find the answer to the question and then ponder and read scriptures and seek revelation! as i pondered my question the spirit told me to do one question but i wasn't sure if i should do that one so i came up with another one just incase. as i started praying and reading my scriptures my first question was pounding in my heart and all the scriptures i read talked about that! I was amazed at the things i learned and as i was walking back to class the spirit hit me so strongly about the revelation i had recieved i started crying! i felt like a cry baby but the spirit was so strong i was amazed! i couldn't believe it! Stay close to the spirit! Pray alot! Be strong and of good cheer! I love you guys so much! Can't wait to talk to you guys next week!

Elder Carlson and Elder Luke Peck - They've been buddies since elementary!

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