Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 7 and Pictures!!

Wow week 7 already!! well this week what to say??? i've had lots of stuff happen! lets see we got to go shopping at the store! that i had already been to but it was still cool! i got me lots of snacks! and some cotton swabs for my ears... didn't think i'd need them but my ears are really dirty so yeah now they're nice and clean! uhhh we got to do service which i'm hopefully getting pictures of! i hope all the pics get to send on here! there should be 7! uhh yeah we went to the bishops store house and made kitchen emergency kits for emergencies here which they say they use a lot so lots of service oppertunities! :) which is awesome! so yeah  uhhh that was monday! oh last friday we went contacting again and me and elder coleman were talking to this guy and he was going to town and so we were both like what language is this guy speakin and can he speak it slower when this lady comes right up to me and like shakes my hand and i'm like oh ok guess she wants to talk so i start talking to her and elder coleman is talking to the guy so we get talking and she wanted to talk english! which here i'm not gonna turn down the oppertunity! so we get talking and you guys know me i'm not one to step on peoples toes so i was nervous about talkin religion but the spirit kept bugging me  to talk to her about the plan of salvation which we had just learned so i was like ok why not! so i just asked her what she thought our plan was in life and she's like be with our family and listed off some religions! and she was pretty smart and i was like do you can believe with your family forever and shes like no when Jesus comes thats it! i was like what! like it never hit me that people believe that life ends after they die! i was like no not at all! we can live with our families forever! and i told her about the atonement and used my phamplet i had to explain it and when i went to bare my testimony i struggled saying it in english! i had my first experience with actually being more comfortable using the language here then my own! So in my horrible spanish i was able to bare my testimony that i knew that families can be together forever!  she asked where my family was and i told her and told her that i didn't get to see you guys for 2 years and she was just amazed at the fact that i would do that! she's like that has to be hard why are you here??? and i told her that i was here serving them and telling people that they can be with their families forever! and i wanted others to know what i know and to have the abilitiy to be with their families forever! she seemed to feel the spirit i hope! i felt it for sure! but she took the phamplet and i gave her the number to call or told her she could wait til next week and we'd be there to answer any more questions! i hope she's there or called! but yeah i don't like doing this contacting! i get to know these people and already love them in 5 minutes and share the gospel with them then i just have to leave it to them or to other missionaries! i can't just set up another appointment right then or i can't talk more with them! i don't like it but i know these  people are ready for the gospel! every contact we make they know so much and are so friendly they just are ready!  i can't wait to get out in the field! and i have like  two more weeks! it's crazy! i can't believe i'm almost done with the CCM! i'm ready though! i've had with fake investigators! i just can't  feel the want as much as i do with the real people! what else?? oh last night! i was afraid for my language skills though cause our teacher who is a dominican said he was talking to his friend from oeste! and he said he had to tell him to slow down cause he couldn't understand him..... the dominican couldn't understand the other dominican from the oeste.... yikes! guess i gotta start loading up on sugar!  BUT i also had a super cool experience last night! i was practicing a lesson with elder colemon and i was trying to show him how to like teach people about reading the last two paragraphs in the introduction but i didn't have a book of mormon in english or spanish to really show him right then but i had my french one in my backpack so i grabbed out and showed him what i meant and then i thought about it and i was like if i plan on giving this away i need to mark up some important points so my El Libro De Mormon was at my desk so i grabbed it and did some translating. I started with the english in my head of what i wanted to mark and translated it into spanish with the help of my El libro de mormon then translated it into my Le livre de mormon! it was super cool to think that in that moment i was doing Gods work in three different languages! :) super cool moment that got my language confidence back up! :) awesome huh??? ok yeah well i don't know what much else to say! oh i  haven't got any packages yet! i got some pouch mail from mom and nicole and grandma and grandpa carlson and trudy and then i got a letter letter from nicole! No packages yet! Some elders have gotten some packages and for a small pouch thing it was like 75 pesos which is like 2 bucks! so yeah i'm not sure about big boxes! uhhh yeah i'll let ya know when i get stuff! thanks for all your guys emails i love it! :) some elders get zero and i get lots! i am so blessed cause of you guys! thank you so much for that! you all are the best! :) OH one last thing! i got to go do sealings today after my session and it was in spanish and i didn't get all of what they said but still way cool! :) can't wait to do them in english and to go through for my self! :) Keep up the awesome work family! i pray for you all every day! atleast 6 times a day! I love you mucho mucho!
-Elder Carlson!
oh ps. I can check the weather for there almost every day in the computer lab and i see its snowing and raining and pretty cold there! Yeah don't worry it's usually in the 80's here! Not a lot of humidity! So i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm suffering! ;) haha

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