Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Email from the MTC!

Buenas dias familia! How´s things going? I get to email today because it's our semi pday since we leave tomorrow morning! we get to do our laundry email you guys and get packed! so how's life going?? things are good here! I've been busy! seems like i was just writing you guys not that long ago! Time is flying by here! Hope it is for you guys! So i'm way stoked to call you guys tomorrow! i figure it maybe around like 3 30 cause we'll probably eat and since i'm the travel leader and like the only one that really wants to call home and talk most the time and not eat i better let them eat! so i'll try and hurry as fast as i can! but yeah i can't wait to hear from you guys! So this week has been good! i've definitly been seeing the blessings of serving a mission and seen the gift of the holy ghost and all the gifts that come with it! i've been able to speak better then i would be able to in French! and it's only been three weeks! crazy huh? but yeah yesterday during the lesson we taught i was bearing my testimony and words were coming way easily and after the lesson i went back into the classroom and i couldn't remember how to say any of it! i know that the spirit was helping me with that! So yeah uhh what else! the days all seem to blend together so i don't know what i've told you and what i haven't. uhhh i saw the doctor today and he said i was good to go and didn't have to worry about putting stuff on my toe anymore! uhhh lets see oh i went in friday to another doctor for some reason.. yeah they checked me in and put me in the little room and a half hour later the doctor finally came in! what a surprise right??? yeah getting real world training already! so yeah oh i got my hair cut today! i asked to just like trim up the next so i didn't have the little tail coming down and it turns out that she had to do certain things so yeah like half my hair is gone! yeah it's way short! feels weird but doesn't look to bad! i hope! so yeah i leave tomorrow morning at 3 am to go to the airport not to excited! i am kinda sad! i've grown so close to the guys here! it's tough! it feels like i'm leaving my family again! but oh well i'm gonna get that a lot on my mission! So oh yesterday was a pretty awesome day for mail! i got 7 letters! 3 from the carlsons 1 from grandma jolley and 3 from nicole and her family! I love it! i'm gonna miss getting letters so quickly! one day is like the perfect amount! it's gonna go from 1 day to like 10! but oh well it'll just mean the days letters come will be way more exciting! :) uhhh yeah i love knowing i have so much support back there! thank you guys all so much! oh thank you for all the packages too! i don't want to say stop sending me junk food cause i have so much of it but i have a feeling once i get down there i'll have like none so i dont want to prematurally say anything! so i'll let ya know next email what i need! so i google earthed the ccm! and it's tiny! if you ever wanna look at it! go to the DR and then look for the temple and its the building to the north of the temple! it's tiny! but there's a pool next to us for a hotel and supposedly they have that side of the building boarded up! haha funny stuff! oh well i'm way excited to get down there and just be engulfed in the language! It's gonna be awesome! they said when we're down there the ccm is way chill and that in the mornings you have class and in the afternoons you get to go do splits with the elders out in the field and do prosolyting and all that! way excited but way nervous! So yeah what else??? oh elder peck! is now the district leader for our district! it's cool! he's a stud he's gonna do awesome! i'm nervous to see how our district goes down there! i hope we get split up honestly! Elder Godfrey is awesome! He reminds me a lot like jordan vane! so yeah he's really quite at times! i want to meet some new people! :) so yeah we met this little black elder thats from the DR and he's funny but i'm nervous cause if they're all black i'm gonna stick out like the stuffing in an oreo! so yeah! i got my suit cleaned too! it got the make up stain out and looks nice and clean but i'm gonna be putting it away soon! crazy! i can't wait! i love just wearing a shirt! it's starting to snow almost every day and its Freezing cold so it'll be nice to go from freezing to carribean weather! :) i'll take lots of pictures on my trip down so you guys know how awesome my adventure was! hopefully i'll be able to email pictures down there! they put a block on these computers so i can't send them BUT you guys can email pictures and i can look at them! so don't be afraid! i really wanna see hobo blake! :) so yeah what else!! i'm not sure! oh i'm not excited to leave the food here and see what the food is like down there! i better start taking those stomach pills! i haven't cracked into them cause i'm taking those antibiotics for my toe! uhhh yeah what else! uhhhhhh i dunno what else to put! i don't know what all you've heard and what you haven't! I'm pretty sure you guys weren't expecting and email today so no one sent emails with questions! uhhhhh hmmm i dunno! works going great here! oh! i was going through predicad mi evangelio and studied the christ like attributes and read about charity! it was a good section! The branch president told us to pray for charity every day! i've tried to do it as much as i can and usually when i pray out loud i remember but it's a good thing to have! in Doctrine and Covenants 64: 9-11 it talks about how we are supposed to forgive people no matter what because it is not our place to be upset! you guys should definitaly read it! It's a good couple verses! it really made me think about the stuff in my life and some of the stuff here! with elder godfrey we don't always get along and he's not always exactly what i wish he'd be or he doesn't always do what i wish he'd do but because of the power of charity! we can move on and keep going and continue to have the spirit in our life! When we don't forgive others for big or little things we have contention between us and that tears the spirit away like a rated R movie! i am working on having more charity for others! There are alot of people here and a lot of them do some really stupid stuff but you never know the reason! So you have to forgive and move on! I know that if we do this we will be blessed greatly and that we can have an even greater relationship with the spirit! Which is really important in everyone's lives! i'm so thankful for how close we all our! i love you guys so much! i can't wait to hear from you guys tomorrow! :) it'll be great to hear your voices! Keep strong to the faith! Send letters as much as possible! i'll do my best to reply to them but i do love them so send them even if i don't reply back! have an awesome day! Talk to ya tomorrow! :)

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