Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scott's 2nd Email and PICTURES!

Familas! Week 2!‏

Hey everyone! Week two is here! The nuevos missionarios (new missionaries) came in yesterday! feels so good not being the new guys! I didn't get to see elder turek but i got the package from the mail room! thank you so much for the halloween package! I don't know if i'll eat it all but i'll definitly enjoy the club crackers! Mi favrito! and thanks dad for the jerky! i definitly will enjoy it! so the toenail is lookin pretty gnarly! the pediatrist came in yesterday and took care of it right there free of charge! awesome blessing! He had to numb up my toe on every side... even though i said red light he still kept going ;) haha anyways the last shot he gave hit my nerve! oh boy did that hurt! but yeah he said it was pretty deep so he had to cut a lot of the nail off which is no bueno! i've been able to walk around and he said that i should be game to do whatever i want just to be careful! he also said that it should be healed up and all that before i go! i go in and see him again on the 9th the day before i leave so i'll know for sure if i'll be safe! i haven't heard anything about my visa yet! the other guys in my district are going to Argentina and they've had to do a lot of stuff for theres so i take it no news for us is good news! but guess we'll find out! Uhhh lets see.... home sickness.... Gone! oh my goodness do i love it here! The days fly by! i feel like they're all just one day and that i get no sleep but oh well my body stays renewed and i keep going! uhh I had a scary moment the other day. Mi companero almost got sent home. he had to resolve somethings with the district president which is like the stake president and so he went in once in the morning and had to call home and everything! then he came back out and said he wasn't sure if he was leaving or not so we went to lunch and to class and had some tense moments and lots and lots of prayer! We went back later that day and he met with him and he said Elder Godfrey could stay! it's crazy i've known this kid not even a week then but i seriously was having a hard time just thinking about losing him! Crazy how much the love is in a companionship! But yeah So we're growing closer everyday! we're still complete opposite but it's fun for us to get to know each other! i love it! uhhh what else??? oh we had a member of the Seventy come and talk to us on sunday! he talked about what kind of a missionary we want to be and the legacy we either follow or start as missionaries! got me kinda excited to have a legacy of my own of missionaries! for sure my boys will be out here doing this! it's such a testimony builder! the spirit is neccesito por apprender de espanol! The language is tough but i'm getting it day by day! Everyone here is so nice and so helpful i love it! Uhhh oh i got to go to the temple this morning! it was awesome! the temple is way tall so you have to walk up a ton of stairs to get to the endowment room so my toe is throbbing right now! we went to the cafateria after and they had real hot food! the food here is good but it's usually about room temperature and sometimes colder! so yeah not my favorite! but oh well! Uhhh Oh dad i did get my towel and it rocks! it's amazing! but i do Need my socks!! i'm running low here and have restorted to the ones that don't smell bad! Today is laundry day so i'll have clean socks! uhh Oh tomorrow is nicole's birthday so mom when you go in to see peggy tell her to wish nicole happy birthday! you all can if ya want! i got a card up here in the book store and sent it down to her! uhhh lets see oh i need some more shirts like just to do pe in and sleep in! uhhh what else! uhhh i think that's about it! more pictures! oh and send newspapers! the outside world seems so far away! the BYU football field is like a block away from the MTC so every saturday when i'm walking to my class which is the closest to the field i hear the band playing and the crowd cheering... yeah no bueno! Tell beau to keep me updated on scores and who there playing! so i know whats going on! Uhh yeah i wanna know what's going on with the world and local news too! i'm pretty sure if like new york burned down they'd probably just reassign those missionaries and not tell us what happened! but yeah I miss you guys and am loving the work! You can't post pictures on here cause it won't let you but i'll get some printed off! Yeah also P days are my only day i can write letters before i could write them everyday but since the week started i had to stop but yeah so i'll be writing you guys today and getting them off hopefully before the pick up comes so ya may get them tomorrow or saturday! so be watching! oh mom i got a calling card! for like 10 hours of talk time for like 7 bucks so it was an awesome deal! once i find out my itenerary i'll let ya know so you guys will know when to expect a call! if i have layovers! uhhh oh i met a guy that went to my mission! he's a volunteer here and he said it's the best! he talked about how the light goes and comes and that one week he went without showering the entire week until the members complained to the bishop and then they got hooked up with a water tank! but he said the people down there are so nice! i  am so excited to get out of here and be down there! i'm nervous though cause some of the hermanas in our district went to the peru ccm and they said it was kinda like prision and they learned how to kill guiene pigs cause i guess thats what they eat down there! but yeah they said it's way strict and you have to read the book of mormon in 19 days or else you have to run laps around the ccm everyday til you read it! sound like the army at all??? yeah lets pray its not that bad! But yeah things are going great here! my time is closing down so i better get off! thank you guys all for the packages and letters! don't be afraid to send more! it's the highlight of my night and it's the thing that keeps me motivated! i love hearing about your lifes! i'm sorry i don't get to write you more often but we're aiming for 100% obedience! so yeah! i love you guys so so so so so so so much! Keep up the prayers and the good spirits! you guys are always in my prayers! morning noon night breakfast lunch and dinner! see ya guys soon!
-with love! Elder Carlson!

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