Monday, August 13, 2012

6/16 4/6‏

Family! whats up??? Nothin much here. Just got out the hospital again... haha yeah surpirse to you??? surprise to me too! i took some tests last week gave the results to the doctor and then saturday night they called me up and said pack up your going to the hospital doctors orders... so yeah i went again. BUT GOOD NEWS!!! They figured out what i have and fixed it! :) so yeah finally healthiness!!! :) i go back in two weeks to make sure for sure for sure that everythings gone and that i don't have anything else! but yeah crazy times! but yeah this is gotta be short i need to go! we're late for a family home evening! i just back like an hour ago! but yeah so investigators welll we taught the husband of the family three times this week! he's... a little slow but his wifes a little faster! so this week we'll be able to teach them all together! Plus the mom is having some struggles with her families health so the plan of salvation will be great for her! :) but yeah then other then that we put two fechas with the little kids we've been trying to teach they finally started to talk with us! and my comp is enjoying things more! we're having some fun now and he's talking more to me! so good news there! so this week is short but full of good news! Next week i'll be a little bit longer and i'll be able to tell ya more! Have fun at school everyone... suckers!!! hahaha ;) i mean you lucky people you! but yeah thanks for all your support and prayers! they've helped a ton! :) your all the best! :) Love ya tons!
-Elder Carlson

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