Thursday, August 2, 2012

6/16 2/6‏

First things first.....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) Alright family! how's things going there??? things are
going pretty good here! someone started praying extra extra hard this
week for me to poop cause i've been having a lot of success in that
department lately! so thank you for your poop prayers! i've been
feeling better! I've been able to get out and get to know the ward a
little better! My companion is struggling with this area cause its
super tough to get people out here who will listen cause we're in one
of the richest areas and we push a lot of intercoms! so yeah i'm
trying to get him excited and we're gonna try and go work with members
so we can get some references! so we're gonna work on that this week!
we've also talked to the ward mission leader to help us out too! so
we'll be going full forces this week! we really don't have any
investigators cause the investigators that they are little kids and
well you know how little kids can be! so we're gonna try and find new
ones that will actually progress! umm what else? i'm getting ready to
send off a package! anyone want anything? i'll send it off next week
so if you want anything let me know by NEXT MONDAY!! so yeah that'd be
great! for my package if you haven't sent it off yet it'd be awesome
if you could send me one of those portable hand fans! like the battery
powered ones! or some sort of battery powered fan! as you know light
or in other words electricity goes in my house during parts of the day
when we're they're and it gets hot! so if we have a fan its not to
bad! so if you could send one or two that'd be great! :) and... hmmm
yeah i don't know what else! skittles! orrrr OH! our house has an oven
so cookie mixes! muffin mixes! bran muffin mixes! ;) but yeah stuff
like that! but yeah! ummm what else? oh yeah not a fan of what you
wrote dad.... yeah with all these ipads out here makes me want one
like crazy! they're like 250 bucks out here! but yeah i'm not havin
one out here cause yeah just not safe! but yeah when i get back i'm
gonna get one! cause the church library in one app! freak yeah! i
don't like having to be jumping from book to book if i could just
click and Bam! i'm to where i want to be! but yeah dad keep updated on
these electronics so that when i get back you can give me a crash
course on whats the latest and greatest! so i can get caught up fast!
i kinda wanna try and work at best buy when i get back so i'll need to
be caught up with all my gadgets! but yeah what else? oh yeah feliz
dia de padres! (happy fathers day!) The DR just had theres and it
remind me that ours past! and i'm pretty sure that it was one of those
weeks that i was in the hospital or around there! but i'm sending off
some stuff for ya! but yeah sorry i missed that! and mom keep hitting
up that ward even after january! even though the shaums are going to
your other ward i like it better that you go to the singles ward! and
you can't go against me on this one you already went against me on the
house thing! so yeah keep going! but yeah then stef and beau and
blake! FELIZIDADES! (CONGRATULATIONS!) i'm super stoked to hear that!
it's about time! you gotta keep me updated and if its boy or girl! and
keep Nicole updated too! but yeah i do believe that is all! you guys
ready for the school year to start??? i'm sorry i'm not able to help
you with registration mom! but maybe in two years! i'll have some
spanish with me too so we can deal with them faster too! :) i thought
about that alot lately! and that when i get back i'll be able to help
you guys out with spanish speakin people in the schools! :) i've
always wanted to be able to talk to them! :) but yeah soon soon! i'm
coming up on ten months in just over two weeks! crazy crazy! but yeah
i'm gonna go write president now! thanks for everything! you guys are
the best! love you guys!
-Elder Carlson

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