Monday, August 6, 2012

6/16 3/6

FAMILY!!! How are you doing??? :) things are going pretty good here!
we're finally gettin some success! been hitting up the members more
and we actually had a lesson with an investigator! and it's actually
gonna be a family! so yeah i'm pretty stoked for that! my companion...
well he hasn't had much success out here and if your in an area for
too long with no success and not much to do you kinda... die in the
work there...or you just don't have any excitement so yeah hopefully
this family will get him excited to go! but yeah other then that
health is going pretty good! we left every day! we even survived a
cyclone that passed by and i guess more earthquakes! i didn't feel
them so yeah bummer there! but also! our light aka electricity aka
power aka air conditioning and aka our sleep! has been going crazy!
they cut it for the whole day saturday cause of the cyclone thing and
then its been on the fritz ever since! but yeah i'm not a fan of the
electricity in this country but yeah its only two years! when i get
back i'm just gonna be in heaven with water and electricity all the
time! :) probably just there all day with my fan on me! :) haha but
yeah i also think i've been growing new muscles in my hands cause i've
been fanning my self with a note book and its just like killing my
hand so yeah can't wait for a battery powered fan to help me out! :)
but i know its on its way! ummm what else??? uhhhh yeah i can't really
think of anthing else! oh has anyone posted my whole health stuff on
facebook cause there is one of the couple missionaries thats out here
the Reeses that have a daughter who has a friend that keeps asking
about me so and no one here really knows who that is so i'm curious if
its one of my friends or if its one of you guys! if you could let me
know that'd be awesome! :) oh hey guess what??? this week in the mail
i got a wedding invitation to... Jaycee Jolley and Brady Hafens
wedding in June! yes here we are in August and i just got the wedding
announcement! :) love the DR mailing system! but yeah other then that
no mail... kinda a bummer there. Don't be shy to send letters! :) i
won't throw them away! or anything like that! i will read them and i
may be a little slow to send something back but i will send you a
letter back! so yeah :) what else? oh yeah i keep finding more and
more people that speak english in my ward! like yesterday we visited
someone that lives here that grew up in Georgia! Him and his wife talk
english and so it was crazy to talk english the whole time! but yeah
they're buying a cabin in a mountain here and its just awesome! its
crazy! i miss going to cabins! stef beau whens the cabin going up??
haha oh and speaking of the beach.... you're gonna have to give me
some time in the mountains and away from humidity and stuff like that!
i want my cold mountain air! :) sorry! but yeah maybe for spring
vacation or something! but yeah i think that is about it for this
week! hope you all enjoyed this weeks lnog email! you guys are the
best! love you all so much! thanks for your prayers and all your
support! :)
-Elder Carlson

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