Monday, March 12, 2012

Transfer 2/16 week 6/6‏

Hello family! i really hope this email goes through this week cause last week was a really long and good one! but yeah anyways this week! was an AWESOME week! we did a lot of stuff! crazy food for this week! Crab! we had a member make us crab! it was weird we had it with fried bananas and the only way i could really eat it was with the fried bananas! but yeah bitton left yesterday! so today i've been jumping around with companions waiting for tomorrow! that's when i get my new companion! his name is Elder Richardson or something like that! i guess he's pretty new too so it's gonna be interesting! i'm nervous to meet him and see what's gonna happen. I didn't think i'd miss bitton as much as i do but it was weird yesterday afternoon and today not having him with me! It's weird being like a solo missionary just bouncing around! right now i'm hanging with Elder Bickmore from the amazing town of St. George! His companion is going to train so he's heading to the capital and Elder Bickmore is off tomorrow so yeah i'm gonna spend the night in his area! then tomorrow i'll get my companion and we'll get back to work in my area! Tomorrow starts 3 of the 16 i have all together! i have my 5 months next week! and then next month i'm a quarter of the way done! it's crazy! i can't believe it! i'm not gonna lie its pretty rough right now but by the end of this week i'll be good! not a fan of transfers now cause i don't know what's gonna happen now or where i'm going or who i'm gonna be with! i'm still not a fan of change! but yeah anyways i heard i'm a wanted man! haha i can't believe that they actually wanted me and nicole to testify in court for the crash thing! I wish i could be there to help nicole out but i know she's gonna rock it! its crazy to think we're old enough to be doing that kinda stuff! but yeah hows my truck doing just curious?? it got any hits yet or anything?? but yeah today i'm kinda all over the place so sorry i'll talk about this last week for investigators. This week was a good last week for Elder Bitton and I. We shared a lot with our investigators with fechas. All with members too. Jeffry and Nicole our two closests fechas are both sharing with us a lot and both are ready to be baptized. They both have lots of support from members and always to come to church. Jeffry turns 12 soon so he will be another priesthood holder here in this branch. Our other investigator with a fecha is Celenni. She is still an awesome investigator! She reads what we give here lots of times! We discovered that she drinks coffee but we talked to her about it and she's cut down from 4 cups a day to 1 and we challenged her to quit it all together and i have no doubt she will! She has a strong testimony already and is sharing it with everyone! She's started giving us references from her family and she tries to get as many as she can to sit down and share with us! She is ready to be with her family forever! We also got a less active member to start coming back to church and we left with our recent baptism waner! The work is going great here in this branch! It's definitly going to miss Elder Bitton but we'll still push on in the work of the lord! but yeah i'm stoked to see them get baptized! can't wait for it! it'll boost my excitement up more! anyways! for packages this week my request is a study help for me! if you could get a institute teachers manual for D&C and the Book of Mormon that'd be awesome! Elder Bitton had one and it was a great help during study times when we had a doctrinal question! His was in Spanish so it was tougher so if i could get some in english it'd be so much easier! so please and thank you! welllll yeah what else?? i think that's it! Stef and Dad i was bummed to not get an email from you guys today hope i get one from you next week! let me know how life's going over there! but yeah if ya got any questions any exciting spring break stories etc let me know! i miss ya all and love you much! keep being the awesome family you are! Til next week!
-Elder Carlson

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