Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 8 and pictures!

Holy cow its december!! Can you guys believe it!!! ok well i'm gonna hurry and go over your questions and then go on what i did this week! ok?? bueno! so i dont know if you got the pictures of thanksgiving two weeks ago but we had a big dinner and a lot of the teachers pitched in to give us an awesome thanksgiving dinner! :) so yeah i was taken good care of! and we had elder cornish who talked in the last general confrence come in and talk to us about thanksgiving and being thankful for all we have even the small stuff! I found out that if you are more thankful in your prayers then you are asking for blessings you'll feel the spirit alot more and your days will go a lot better! so try that next time you need a little extra in your day! The rooster picture i sent last week was because the first steps out of the plane thats what i saw! welcome to the DR sign basically! yeah i knew that'd be good! haha  uhhh what else oh mom how was church??? :) and i'm so stoked that bryce is getting or got baptized! That is just awesome! that'll be a big push for brianne! hopefully things will be good for her and she'll join this amazing gospel! i'll keep that in my prayers! uhhh dad the present thing sounds good but we're not supposed to give anything to the natives or people here! it's against the rules to do that cause then they'll begin to think that that's what the missionaries are for and they'll go on that for baptism then to be truly converted! so yeah i like that idea but not gonna work! sorry! it's an awesome thought! yeah what else! oh calling home.... NO IDEA!!! my mission president comes in sunday i believe and so i'll ask him then but yeah no one knows even the president here doesn't know! so yeah i'll let ya know as soon as i know! my guess is it'll be all phone! i downloaded skype on my laptop just incase and i know dad you have it so if it's there i'll let ya know but it may not hurt to get the international plan thing! uhhh yeah i think that's about it! oh wait incase you were wondering no packages yet!! hopefully this next week but i'm not holding my breath! oh and if you pay for the international fees there when you send it i don't think i have to pay to get it out here! atleast that's what i've seen here so far! so yeah! uhhh well yeah time to start into the week! i have had an awesome week! The university last week wasn't to great we were just lost and were to shy so we only talked to two people but both seemed really interested! The thing that is driving me nuts is i can understand the language way good! like last night one of the teachers went to town and spoke way fast and i understood it all! but i can not put sentence together with future tense and preterit and past subjunctive and all these stupid irregular verbs and i'm sure no one under stands what i'm saying so ask addison or someone who has learned another language and they can explain it to you! oh but yeah the cool thing is i can understand spanish and french and english reading! not sure about talking and listening to french and as i've said not good at talking spanish! but they'll all get better as i go! today during our session they had 3 different languages going! in english spanish and in french cause there were some haitians there! so it was cool to think that! and i got to read a french book of mormon before it started and i could understand it! it is awesome being able to understand different languages! uhhh yeah then tuesday President glacier gave an awesome devotional! and i mean that in every sense of the word! The spirit was so strong! I love the spirit here! i'm gonna miss it but i know it'll be for the best cause i'll feel it in other ways out in the field! which i leave for in less then two weeks! i head out into the real world on the 20th! my first sunday out in the field will be christmas! that's gonna be super tough but i'll make it through! i'll get to talk to you guys! :) uhhh but yeah i can't believe my MTC is almost done! i'm so ready to get out of here! you can tell everyone is so sick of being cooped up in the same place! and we're all gone learn so much more when we get out there! it's gonna be great! :) i can't wait! scriputure for the day 3 Nephi 9:20! it's a good one! for all of us! uhhh yeah gross thing for this week! Yesterday for lunch i had...... Stomach soup! yup you heard me right stomach soup! it was basically taco soup but the meet was stomach of some animal that no one knows! we're thinking it was sheep! but yeah crazy stuff i'm having already and i'm still in the MTC! i can't wait to see what else i have to eat! :) uhhh yeah i think thats about it for this week! Not much for this week sorry! hopefully i'll have some awesome experiences this week! we FINALLY do splits with the missionaries in the field tommorrow so that should be good! :) i'll let ya know! i hope its with the west elders but no clue! welllllll i think that's it! so keep me updated on life! i'll let ya know how things go next week! :) I love you guys so much!!! Your the best!!!
-Elder Carlson!

Here are those service project pictures i was talkin about last week! :)

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