Saturday, October 22, 2011

First letter from Elder Carlson!

Hey familia!!
Things are crazy here! the first week has been pretty insane! really overwhelming! first day wasn't to bad i got here way before everyone else so i had to wait awhile! plane ride was pretty fun! its a lot faster then just driving! seemed like we had just taken off when we got there! salt lake i followed all the signs around trying to find my bag came down some escalators and there were a bunch of families waiting for their return missionaries! made me homesick but so excited to get to that point! found my luggage and got to the xpress shuttle and got to the mtc! its way sweet here though the food isn't to bad but the fact that its about room temperature isn't the best! all the elders here are way friendly! i love it! My companion is elder godfrey! he's total opposite of me! hes an english major and is into style and all that! he wanted to match ties with me one day... yeah wasn't gonna happen! Spanish is intense! yesterday we taught our first investigator and he spoke about 3 words in english and we knew about 3 words in spanish so it wasn't that great! but today we taught him again and the spirit was so strong! i bore my testimony in as good of spanish as i know which is little but the spirit pretty much punched me in the chest! i started tearin up! i couldn't believe it! I've been strugglin the last couple days with home sickness and so i met with our branch president last night and talked to him. he told me he understood completely and said that i was welcome to leave but he challenged me to say a prayer for help because he knew it was hard and that we can't do it by ourselves so if i would pray he promised that i'd recieve comfort and help! so i did that this morning and wouldn't ya know it i had the success with our investigator and felt the espiritu! It is so amazing here! i can't believe it but with all the spirit i just want to leave and start teaching! no more of this 9 hours a day in a class room! if i could just learn spanish in one day it'd be so much easier! these three weeks need to fly by! soooo ya remember how i had so many ingrown tonails?? yeah i got another! awesome huh? i tried diggin it out but its to far down so i tried going into the medical place here but it's closed saturdays so monday i'm gonna go in and have them check it out and see if i need surgery or what! i'll keep ya posted! thursdays are my p days so i'll let ya know then! my district is pretty awesome! the other elders in my district are going to argentina and my companion and another pair are going to the DR. Luke Peck is in my district too! crazy huh??  My residence is pretty big surprisingly! i sleep on top of a bunk bed! which isn't to fun but oh well! there are two other elders in our room and they've been here for 5 weeks i believe and they're going to colombia! They are way funny! Elder Chugg and Elder Rogers! yeah they keep me and Elder Godfrey pretty entertained! Except they talk past midnight every night so far! last night i fell asleep on them cause i was just so tired! but its kinda nice because we talk about other things and about our lives so it's like our time to like relax and talk about other things then the gospel! But yeah i'm loving the spirit here and can't wait to get out and share the gospel with the people of the DR! It's gonna be awesome! How's things going on back home?? What's new?? well i better go! this counts as next week two so i gotta hurry! well Send more letters they keep me going through the week! don't be afraid of sending packages! :) talk at ya next week! :)
Love you guys! Thanks for the support and scripture! it helps when i need it!
-Elder Carlson

If you want to write scott in the MTC his address is:

Elder Scott Kenneth Carlson
MTC Mailbox # 222
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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