Monday, January 14, 2013

10/16 2/6

FAMILY!!! What´s up??? things are going great here! i'm actually super surprised to tell you the truth! lately life's been super good! i'm getting along with the people i'm living with! my companion is the bomb! and is a hard worker but loves to have fun so we're just working really good here helping this area progress! yesterday in church we noticed that alot more people were starting to come to church that we had more investigators and that things were just begining to change! i'm super stoked! so yeah i don't know why God's being so nice to me i'm a little nervous but i'm gonna love every minute of it that i can! but yeah so this week well we had lots of progress with the members part of the work! me and my comp had a meeting the District president who is like the stake president! and we talked about all the stuff that the missionaries needed help with and also how we can help them! and it was just super good cause we got on the same level with the leaders above our branch leaders so now the branch leaders are gonna be reciving the same help from both sides and the same suggestions so that we're not fighting to work with each other! but yeah we're super stoked about that plus our zone is progressing! the missionaries are happier and working harder! and so that makes us happy! plus sounds like you guys are having a good time there with below freezing weather! plus Nicoles new job! plus the babys due in ten weeks! plus everyones doing great! except the sickness thats going around for the cold weather! but i have no doubt that i'm gonna have a pretty rough weather change when i get back this winter! i'm gonna be freezing my ears off! but yeah i'm excited about it! i haven't seen real cold weather in so long! but yeah what else oh this week we found a guy named Juan. He was almost killed by gang members but luckily got away safely! so he decided to change his life around and is looking for away to change his life around! well just so happened that God wants him in our church cause we were teaching a lesson one day and it was outside and i looked around for some reason and i got this impression to go to this house we had already contacted and nothing so after we finished the lesson i told my comp we had to go there so we went to the house and he was there and so we talked to him and he told us his story and now he has a baptismal date! :) WOO HOO!!! Score!!! but yeah then Jason and Anderson from the family we're teaching are getting baptized this week! they need to get baptized and there dad isn't progressing so we decided to baptize them now and work on the dad next! so yeah but yeah we're also working alot with some branch activities! if there is any ideas you guys have of fun games you can play with lots of people let me know! :) i'll take them! but yeah! oh and can i have a reciepe of banana bread??? :) i wanna try making some! :) but yeah so a few other questions i have are did jones get his mask??? and dad who's Phil and susan Parise?? cause i got a random card from them and i don't remember them! so yeah if you could answer me those that'd be great!!! :) but sorry nothing else to exciting from this week! oh i bought my waffle maker today! gonna try that out tonight! :) wish me luck! but yeah i love you guys so much thanks for all you do for me!
-Elder Carlson

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