Monday, January 7, 2013

10/16 1/6‏

Family!!! how's life going??? i'm doing good here! things are going pretty great! today we went to an area where very very few people have ever been! it was like the Kolob of the DR!!! we did some service there! and played some baseball!!! but yeah i'm gonna try and throw on some pictures soon! but yeah Feliz Anos Nuevo! i had a pretty chill new years! i went to bed at like 10 30! so yeah partied hard right!!! so yeah looks like you guys had some fun! i'm super bummed about the theaters mom! why did they start givin a seating order??? that's kinda stupid! but whatever! i'm probably just gonna not worry about watching movies at the theaters when i get back! we've been talking about the movies that are out and holy cow! i'm gonna have lots to see when i get back! but yeah what else??? i had lots to tell you guys but i left my agenda at home! we just got back from our service activity so i'm still dressed in normal clothes but we're trying to do things kinda fast so this might not be to long. but somethings that i can remember is that there are a ton of changes! my comps super excited and alot of the leaders a little higher up then our own branch are excited about the missionary work so the leaders here in our branch are gonna be excited about the missionary work! we're working hard on changing the things here! how's the missionary work there! sorry i'm kinda scatter brained today! i'm sun burnt and trying to help all the missionaries around me fill out a report and it's just rough! i woke up to early this morning! haha but yeah ok back to focus! so yeah we're working hard especially with the family! the only thing that we're missin still is the husband! he hasn't comin in a long time and didn't come this week but they're wanting to get married in this month! and then also Alexander showed up to church and we're gonna get him baptized soon! but yeah! so sorry i'm really not focused right now so this letter is gonna be bad i'm sorry! i hope you guys are havin a great time there! all is well here and i'm super stoked to have you guys as my family! oh also! i got the package from brad and trudy tell them thanks for that! i enjoyed the cookies as fast as possible1 :) but yeah thanks for all you guys do! you're the best family there is! :) i love you guys!!!
-Elder Carlson


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