Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey family sorry i didn't get to email you guys yesterday i'm back in the capital i had to do some more check ups. turns out i have an impacted colon. in other words poop stuck in my colon. So they've given me a few things to try and get things moving along. So keep a prayer in your hearts that i can poop! :) bet you never guessed that you'd be praying for that! but yeah i don't have much time i have to get going but i just want to say thanks for everything guys i love you all so much! sorry these two weeks have been dud letters! i'll get better quick so i can write you more! i love you all so much! :) and the whole thing about buttons is ok. She was going to die soon anyway. As long as everyone else is feeling great! :) That's what happens! but yeah keep on keeping on!
-Elder Carlson

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