Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5/16 4/6‏

Wellll family! as you all know since i'm emailing late i was in the capital doing some medical stuff! i was called up saturday night getting told that sunday i had to go to the capital and see the doctor! so yeah we made a quick change of plans and we got stuck there til today! so yeah the doctor did another x ray and i also got a sonogram! interesting thing that is! but yeah then i went and saw a intestine doctor. yeah he said that i can't eat certain things and i started on some pills and a thing of fiber! so it doesn't seem to serious if its just a change of diet! but yeah i'll keep you updated for sure! but yeah i gotta get going! we gotta get back to the house and do somethings then get out working again! oh yeah as far as the work goes! we set a baptismal date with Lucas! next week he's getting baptized! pretty stoked about that! :) so yeah we're still working hard out here don't worry! but yeah glad to hear everyones doing great! great to know i finally got a new house! and that blake is doing great and that all is well! you guys are the best and i love getting your emails! :) thanks for those! if theres anything i can do for you guys let me know! :) uhhh yeah i think that's about it! but know that i love you guys tons! your the best family a missionary can have! so yeah til next monday! where i will be on monday! i'm not going back to the capital til 2 weeks! but yeah talk to you all next week!!!
-Elder Carlson

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