Monday, May 28, 2012

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Hey family how´s things going??? lifes going great here! i´ve been feeling lots better and i´m pretty sure all my buddies are gone! and so everyone stops getting mad at me for eating intestines it was an investigating family so we had to eat some or they´d have been really offended! so it was helping a family getting closer to baptism! but i´m doing great! i feel great! but yeah this week was super stressful! i´m getting prepared for being a school teacher! people here are super immature and just very unrespectful! its crazy but i´m doing great! got some help from a letter and these emails!!! :) so thanks for that! but yeah lifes going pretty great now! its elder bentley´s birthday this week so we´re going to go party it up! but transfer calls are also this week so elder bentley is super nervous cause all of our baptisms are going to be this next transfer so if he can stay another transfer he´s gonna be able to be here for them! which would be awesome! but we´ll see! so next week i´ll let ya know who my companion is! but yeah other then that i have some pretty exciting news! Last saturday me and elder bentley were going to our english class and as we were walking down the road we saw my old branch president from AZUA! it was so awesome! he´s one of my favorite persons here and it was way awesome to see him and talk with him! turns out Maciel! one of the girls we were teaching awhile back got baptized! yeah i was super stoked! her parents were in active and then for the baptism they came and are starting to come to church agan! made me so stoked! especially cause the last sunday i was there i set up the appointment for Richardson to go visit her and yeah she´s baptized now! super stoked but yeah then i´ve also been going to town on the conference magazine! mom i´ve got a talk for you! Elder David Baxter from saturday afternoon! so yeah! what else??? oh yeah i got a package this week from Peggy! Which came just in time! she sent me a waterbottle with the built in filter! yeah this week we ran out of money cause our temple trip costed us a ton and i had to pay for light so we had to start using some of the tap water for stuff and i was able to put the tap water in my filter bottle and drink no problem! :) thank you peggy! :) But yeah on that subject i´ve had to pull out some of my money to get food and stuff here! we got screwed on money this time so i´m gonna be using some home money but i´ll be using next times money to put it back into to home money! but yeah then i also got the Browns to get my razor! so yeah no worries about that! thank goodness for the browns! they just take care of us here! but yeah off subject! Morgan is about to leave! if someone could get me his address either for the MTC or for his mission that´d be awesome! i did some tie shopping today for him and want to get some out for him! so that´d be great if you could get that to me! and i can´t believe people are starting to leave and get back and that saturday brandy and jaycee are getting married! tell them congradulations for me! and eat a piece of cake of their cake for me! and mom hope the house all goes well! i´ve been praying a lot about it! so hope it goes all well! and dad i´m super jealous about your cruise! pretty sure you owe me a cruise too! i don´t know why but you do! enjoy mexico! and having an ice cream for me! so yeah i think that´s it this week as far as crazy stuff! people partied for the new president. so the streets were pretty funny with drunk people.... youngest drunk i saw! take a guess!!! nope! about 6 or 7! yeah she was drinking a beer right in front of us! yeah this country takes care of there kids... lets just say i´m getting more and more greatful for what i have at home! oh yeah tuesday night we got called home early and found out that their were wars going on in the capital and that there were bombs and everything! yeah we didn´t hear a single gun shot! must be getting lots of prayers for me to be in the calmest city in the country during all this! so thanks for all the prayers! oh yeah i also had to give a talk this week! it was mothers day here and so i talked about Charity and how mothers are a great example of it! Yeah i´m feeling comfortable with my spanish! i´ll find myself just talking in spanish and not even having to think! just being able to say things in spanish! its cool! i can still understand really good! so yeah no worries there! but yeah that´s it for my excitement this week! For investigators...This week has been a good week. A little crazy because of the elections but we still got in some good lessons. Robyn, our baptism for the 9th of June, he´s progressing alot! He´s coming to alot of the church activities and church meetings. This morning he came to a branch service project where the only people who showed up were the missionaries, our branch mission leader, our branch president, and him. He is going to be a very strong member and we´re even getting him thinking about a mission. He is very interested. Our next investigator is Jahira. She is the mother of the Mejia family and her families been sick so its been a crazy week trying to share with her. But yesterday we had a very good lesson with her and watched the Restoration video with her. She promised to go to church next week no matter what! She talks alot about what a church should be and its our church so we hope she´ll go and see what its like. We have a few other people that are progressing very slowly and aren´t keeping their commitments so we may drop them. We´re going to try hard with them though. but yeah i think that´s it for this week! hope you all have a great week! and enjoy your summer! i´m doing great here don´t forget that! thanks for all you do! oh mom for a package talk to nicole about the drink thing! she sent me a mountain dew! so yeah but yeah i love you all!!!
-Elder Carlson!

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