Monday, May 21, 2012

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FAMILY!!!! How's it going??? dropping my surprise email in! they let us out tonight cause things are pretty chill! i have a feeling we might get called back in tonight! cause this morning and last night it was pretty crazy! so tonight may be more crazy! but yeah i'm stoked to be out! i don't like being stuck in the house! its not fun! but yeah nothing to dangerous! but yeah this week! it was a great week! we got to go to the temple! that was pretty legit! the session was in spanish and i actually understood it for the most part! we woke up at 3 in the morning to leave so it was a pretty rough morning! but we also got to do baptisms for the dead! that was cool! but yeah then we also ate at McDonalds! :) it was great! ate me a big mac and a mcflurry! :) yeah it tasted amazing! i miss american food! oh speaking of crazy food! we ate mondongo this week! incase your not familiar with the dominican cusine its intestines! yeah it wasn't good! the intestines i had before you really couldn't tell this just straight up looked like intestines! i wasn't a fan of it! but i ate it just to say i ate it! i gotta stop donig that because i got my coprologico number 3 and i know have larva of worm! i just had the eggs now i have larva! but i've been drinking lots of coca cola and spicy foods to kill it! but the doctor is sending some more medicine to kill it! and we also found out that elder bentley has it too! so yeah we're all gone take an awesome pill and just clean everything like crazy so it goes away and never comes back! oh i also got my two pairs of pants back! they look great! :) i'll take a picture when i get the vest that goes with the one pair! its awesome! we're looking good and we know it cause we've gotten tons of citas this last week! we've broken my record for most lessons taught! we are killing it here and hope that elder bentley stays one more cause we're working with some families and we work great together so we'll wait and see! transfers are coming up in two weeks! crazy to think that they're almost here! but yeah time is crusing by! can't believe my 7 months came already next month i hit my 3rd of the way done mark! crazy crazy! but yeah life is going great out here! feeling great! working super hard! having fun and loving life! can't wait to get some letters or a package or something from you guys! i had some stuff i needed but to be danged if i can remember it right now! uhhhhhhh i'll write it down this week then i'll let ya know! but i'm diggin this new house mom! i'll keep it in my prayers that you get it! plus its gonna be awesome to have light and AC and carpet and running water!!! :) that's gonna be the best! :) but yeah what else??? i don't know what else to write! oh yeah the new president down here is named Danilo! so yeah now ya know! oh to vote from here what can i do?? after all this political stuff here it made me want to get on it back at home! so if you can get the abstentine ballet or whatever it is! that'd be great! oh yeah and mom my debit card expires next year in may i believe i didn't notice that til the other day! so don't know what we're going to do with that! and if you go into talk with them get some of they're pens! they have awesome pens! so yeah its nicoles graduation wednesday! and you guys are out of school! CONGRADULATIONS!!! :) Another year down! i'm going to enjoy another year without worrying about school but then a year from now i'll be talking about it! so yeah crazy to think that i'm gonna be signing up for college classes next year! pretty exciting! but yeah oh investigators! We have found a lot of good progressing investigators and some families that we are working with. We have been getting lots of lessons with them and also we've found some inactive members that are wanting to come back to the church so we've been working with them too. Our first investigator that has a fecha is Robyn. He is 17 and is very humble. He lives with his grandma because both his parents died. He studys the Bible a lot and knows it really well! He's progressing a lot and is wanting to change his life! We have taught him the law of chastity and has hid from his girlfriend so that they wouldn't have relations. He has his baptismal date for the 9th of June and is very excited. Our next investigator is named Yesenia. She is very interested in the gospel and wants her family to start learning together and going to church. Her and her daughter are sharing with us as often as we set appointments and her husband is an Evangelical who works in the capital. We are working hard to get him there when he's there and to involve him and see how his family is changing and growing! Hopefully he will soften his heart and share with us more. We also have the family Mejia, we haven't been able to share with them this week because they've been gone for the elections but we shared with them last night and everyone is still going strong. The wife really wants her family to be together forever and teach her kids a good example to follow. The husband may be going back to the United States to work for 7 or 8 months so it's going to be an interesting situation but we're still going to be working hard. The next investigator that is really progressing is named Elizabeth. She's around 19 and lives with her sisters. She told us in the last lesson that she prayed and got an answer that this is the true church and wants to continue learning! We're working to get her to church and more members to come with us! She's progressing very good though! We've recieved a few references that we're going to start teaching as soon as all the election stuff finishes. But yeah that's it for the investigators this week! well i was hoping to have more emails this week but i understand cause no one was expecting me that's what happend! but thanks for everything everyone! You guys rock! talk to you all next week! i love you all so much! :)
-Elder Carlson

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