Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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FAMILY!!! how's life going?? things here are great! :) things with me and my comp have cooled out i just put it behind me like i said i would and have been going to work! it's been great the week went by a lot faster and we're coming up to the end of the transfer! i'm nervous cause i may get moved out of azua this transfer! which would suck cause we're working with the family of celenni and we're looking into getting a new house still and all that good stuff! so yeah lets hope i stay here! but yeah time for weekly mission report for last week! This week in Pueblo Arriba we got some good appointments set that ended up following through. These past couple weeks we've had a hard time trying to find people who will actually meet with us and want to learn more but this week we started having more success. Also this week we baptized the two little kids that we've been teaching for awhile. Nicole and Jose. They both were baptized and confirmed with no problems. Me and Elder Richardson got to baptize one. We both baptized them in one try so it was a successful baptism! We also have been preparing the older lady Celenni. She's been teaching other people in her neighborhood about the gospel. She's been an investigator that i have enjoyed teaching. This last week she told us about a pastor that tried to tell her she was in the wrong church because we worship Joseph Smith. She then began to tell him about Joseph Smith and how he was a prophet called to restore the church and gave him a lesson on the church. She is going to be a very strong member of this church and she is inviting all her family to learn. We are working with her sister and her niece now and she's got other members that i'm sure after her baptism this week will start sharing with us more. Her grand daughter Kayla has been out of town this past week for the semana santa but tonight we're going to share with her again. She's going to be baptized next week and she's ready for it too! she asks good question and is very interested! We've been contacting a lot this week and have been finding a few possible future fechas. I'm excited to see what happens in this area! but yeah also all 5 of my recent converts were at church! so it was an awesome day! :) then this week we've got celenni! she's asked me to baptize her so i'm super stoked for that! :) that will be the best part of my mission so far! she's had an awesome story and is defenitly one of the best investigators i'll ever have! :) so yeah i'll send pictures next week of that! what else??? oh i bought..... 28 mountain dews! :) yeah i'm pretty stoked! it means i've got get 26 more baptisms! cause i drink one for every baptism as a good job drink! :) and i got my new pants this week! they look awesome! :) i'm tempted to send them home cause they're super nice! but yeah speaking of that i should be getting my package this week! :) i've been waiting awhile but it should be here this week! so i'll let ya know what i need next week after! but other then that i love reading everyones emails and things that are going on in life! request! i know i'm on the mission and don't need to worry what's going on in the world but please someone give me updates on mitt romney! i've been hearing a lot of talk about him and i wanna know what's going on! for two reasons could be the president when i get back and i'll need to know that and two it'll be fulfilling a prophecy so ya know as a missionary i'll need to know that! ;) so yeah that'd be great! and what else??? i think that's it! oh for this weeks crazy food! it was semana santa! which means lots of habichuela con dulces! its super good! i'm gonna make it when i get back for you guys! it's super good! :) tastes like a chocolate milk type of thing! :) but yeah other then that nothing out of the normal this week! so yeah i'll talk to you guys next week! :) have a great week! keep me updated on life i love hearing it! :) your the best all! :) oh and stef i saw the pics of the family and of blake! he is crazy big and also of nicole! :) good job! :) i approve! :) well that's it for this week! love you all!
-Elder Carlson

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