Monday, April 2, 2012

3/16 3/6‏

Hello family! How's life there in the good ol U S of A! Life here has been different but good! we've had a different week and kinda long! feels like it's been awhile since i've talked to you guys! but it sounds like all is going well! I'll do my quick update on my investigators then get into the rest of the week! This week in pueblo arriba was good! We taught a lot more lessons and we were able to find a few more investigators. We found an old investigator in our area book and found him and we have started teaching him again! He is very interested in the message and so is his wife! Our investigators with a baptismal date for this week is Nicole, Jose, and Hilary. This week like last week was pretty interesting! Hilary is probably going to be moving and she said she probably won't be able to come to church anymore... then also with Nicole she had her awesome coffee experience last week well this week we were taking her to conference like walking her there when she left us for a few seconds and went into a store and bought something... yeah on sunday... awesome huh??? yeah we're not sure what we're going to do. we're going to talk more about it with her and talk with the lord and see what we should do. She's had the lessons for four months now and should've been baptized last transfer! but just lots of stuff has happened! i don't know what to do the thing is that They go to church every week and are learning from it. so i don't know its best they get baptized but yeah we'll see this week! Our other two baptisms coming up are Celenni and Keila. Celenni went to conference and had a great time listening to the prophets and apostles talk! She loved the conference and can't wait to see another one. Keila couldn't come to the conference because she was out of town for the semana santa. She is coming back today or tomorrow and we have a appointment set up with her as soon as she gets back! Another cool experience this week was we started teaching more family of Celenni! We started teaching her sister and niece. We've shared several lessons with them and they are very interested to know if this church is true. Celenni's baptism is going to be a big event because of all the people who watch her. She's an example to a lot of people who will most likely follow her into the church. I am very excited to see this family continue to come to Christ and be an eternal family! Celenni already talks about going to the temple. So yeah that's our awesome experiences with investigators this week! So conference! it was a tease for me! I got to go to every session except the relief society broadcast so it was way cool! but it was all in spanish except for like the first couple seconds. So we heard it in english for a second or two to hear the persons talk then it was spnaish translator! it sucked not being able to hear their voices! one cool thing with the translation was that for elder scott's talk he actually did the translation. He recorded it earlier and then they played it so we heard him in spanish. but he talked about more stuff in english cause his recording ended sooner then he did in english! but some times we could catch the english before they translated and they meant more in english then in spanish so it sucked missing out on all that! but we'll be able to read it here soon when the liahona comes out! Oh yeah the liahona is our ensign they have it in english so we can read it in english! it's pretty cool! but yeah i understood a lot and there was a lot of cool talks! there was a lot of emphasis on families! it was cool! lots of prepare your kids. I have a feeling the second coming is close cause there were some things said in this conference that was pretty intense and its leaning alot towards prepare yourselfs. so yeah interesting stuff there! but yeah no worries! life's gonna be great! do what you're supposed to and you'll be taken care of! if ya don't believe me read the scriptures! my favorite scripture is now mosiah 2:41 its a good one! but yeah what else??? this week we had an intercambio and i went to the zone leaders area with Elder Salas again. We got us a bacon cheese burger that was great and he told me that my companion has been telling them stuff that i've been doing that i really haven't been doing... yeah don't lie to people its just stupid! Elder Salas knew he was lieing and he talked to me about it and i set him straight. Yeah only three more weeks! i can do it! but yeah i'm just ignoring it! I liked i believe it was President monson who said when you go to bed don't go to bed worry or stressed! Leave things in the past and don't worry about them! I'm here to work and that's what i'm gonna do. No matter what people say! but yeah sounds like crazy stuff is going on over there! Brandy is getting married and Jaycee! That's insane! i can't believe it! When i left Jaycee wasn't dating anyone and Brandy was kinda dating him but wow look at them both! two more months and they'll be married! crazy crazy! well tell them to send me an invitation! i won't be able to make it but i'd like an invite atleast! uhhh what else??? Uhhh this month i hit 6 months! that's a crazy thought! but a cool one! Doesn't feel like i've been out that long but then again it does! i went through and looked at all my letters and i have a ton! i felt super loved! haven't got mom and stefs package yet but it should be coming this week! OH and i sent off a package today! but with the whole moving thing i didn't know who's address to put it on so i just sent it to Nicole! so yeah in like 4 or 5 weeks it should get there and i'm stoked for all you guys to get your stuff! its not much but it's from the heart of Elder Carlson! :) which makes it the best things you can get! ;) but yeah i think that's it for this week! i'm feeling better! i think i had just been really super stressed with just people here so i was feeling sick but i've been working out morning and night and i've been having more calm time. So i'm feeling better! For package stuff! i think i'm good! maybe..... heck i don't know! nothing now! i'll look this week! Oh yeah thanks for throwing more money in my account! i wanted to make one more pair of pants before i left Azua and so that money came just in time! i started another pair today! it's gonna be an awesome pair! :) i'm super excited! but yeah if you guys need anything from me let me know! oh one more thing! theres a family coming down to a branch members house from the states. Guess where she lives??? Good ol St. George! i'm gonna go talk to her this week! oh yeah easter down here is celebrated the whole week! Semana Santa. Its just a week of people leave and go to the beach or go see family! so yeah ok i think that's it! I'll talk to you guys next week!
Much love,
Elder Carlson

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