Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 11

Wow! Elder Bitton has about the same time left before he leaves as i just had out in the field! Crazy! Anyways! This week has been pretty crazy! I've had a crazy week of welcoming to the DR food! The ward members love feeding us and giving us stuff and i've got some crazy food! This weeks crazy food is Duck, carrot juice, and the craziest of all Black Bean Juice! Yup pretty much just watered down refried beans pretty weird but it wasn't to bad! i'm not gonna lie it was crazy! but we also had some way good stuff! like Chinola and watermelon juice! pretty sure that's my favortie now! you all dont know what chinola is but im gonna send this home! it is super good but its band in the states cause its illegal so yeah anyways totally sendin it home! but anyways this week we had some good times! Spent one day doing like 55 contacts it wasnt the funnest but oh well! but we did some awesome lessons and then some where the lady kept telling us that whatever church is good because it doesnt matter where you go as long as you follow christ cause shes been coming to ours but only when she didnt have hers! so i gave her a scripture 3 nephi 27: 8 that says if its a church about moses it should be called after moses and if it should be a church about christ it should be his name and shes like well yeah but i think its about what you worship and not what its called! yeah that scripture totally showed her whats up! so yeah we also had a member that bore her testimony and yeah the spirit was super strong and she couldnt deny that the spirit was there but she denied everything that we said but shell realize whats going on i know it! but anyways yeah oh we went over to the browns who are some of the couple missionaries here and we made the muffins cause our stove doesnt work but yeah the muffins rocked! alright so heres my list of things i need! :) a good flashlight/ lamp it sucks planning by candle light! good church cds preferably some guitar instrumental!, no bake desserts!, tide to go, and random dessert stuff! they dont make a lot of desserts down here and it kills me! oh this will sound weird but if you could throw in some little sugar packets like for coffee thatd rock too cause members give us fruit and it just needs sugar! uhhh yeah i think that should be it! Work is going slow right now so sorry not much exciting to right about this week! Being white washed its just a bunch of contacting and trying to find people to teach! But i have like another 3 or 4 months here that i'm sure i'll pull out some awesome stories for you guys! hopefully some baptisms too! :) anyways thats it for this week! i'm gonna try and send off a package this week to someone but it'll have stuff for everyone and yeah i'll talk at you guys next week! Thanks for everything! Love you guys so much!
oh new years i went to the browns and cooked the muffins and then we went back and went to sleep while people blasted music and shot guns and let off fireworks! so just another typical day in the DR!!
-Elder Carlson

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